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16 Rainbow Hair Color Ideas You’ll Go Crazy Over

Rainbow hair has taken the world by storm with its inexplicably tantalizing and hypnotizing colors that you simply cannot take your eyes off! If you’ve ever thought of going the rainbow route, check out these 16 rainbow hair color ideas and get inspired to create your very own, very unique rainbow hue! And by that… Read More »

Trendy Hair Colors You’ll Fall In Love With

It comes as no surprise that this past year we’ve seen some downright amazing on gorgeous hair colors. From celebrities, to Instagram stars, and everyone in between, 2016 and 2017 have definitely been the years of crazy, unexpected, albeit beautiful and trendy hair colors. People have taken to the rainbow hair color trend, the bronde… Read More »

Easy Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do

Who doesn’t love a good hair tutorial every now and then? Unfortunately, some of the hair tutorials we do find, are incredibly hard to pull off! These easy hairstyles though, are MADE so that anyone can replicate them whether you’re a hair guru or a disaster. We’ve tried a bunch of different hairstyles to see… Read More »

DIY Hair Growth Juice for Long, Luscious Hair

Have we got a treat in store for you! We’ve scoured to find the absolute best hair growth juice, and after months of trial and error,  we have a WINNER! Drinking this juice every day for about 2-3 weeks, resulted in stronger, shinier, longer, and overall healthier hair! We can’t really explain it but this is… Read More »

7 Weird Shampoo Tricks For Luscious Hair

  These 7 weird shampoo tricks will give you the most amazing, shiniest, fullest, and most luscious hair you’ve ever had! We’ve tried every single one of these for you, so you can rest assured that they DO work! All 7 of these weird shampoo tricks can be made in the warm comfort of your… Read More »

5 Natural Oils That Stop Hair Loss & Breakage

If you hair’s been less than stellar lately, then you need to read this post! These 5 are the best oils for hair loss! These 5 natural oils that stop hair loss & breakage are actually proven to put a complete stop to hair loss, prevent it, and re-grow hair healthier and thicker than ever… Read More »

How to Grow Super Long Hair

Today we’ll show you how to grow super long hair! Whether your hair barely grows or grows at a normal rate, this hair growth technique can work wonders on even the thinnest and most damaged hair! It’s completely natural, free of chemicals, and takes just minutes to make! In fact, you probably already have most… Read More »

Best Natural Hair Lighteners

Looking for the best natural hair lighteners? Look no more because we’ve got the scoop for you and the best and most worthy hair lighteners! Why spend money at the salon and/or damage your hair with harsh dyes when you can actually lighten your hair naturally, at home, for just pennies? Today we’ll show you… Read More »

7 Ways to Make Dirty Hair Look Clean

Sometimes a shower just isn’t in the cards, and that means a less than stellar hairdo! Especially if you have thin hair, it can look greasy and unwashed, even if you washed it the day before! And honestly, there’s nothing more I HATE than that feeling of dirty hair (even though I know it’s not!).… Read More »

14 Winter Hair Color Trends To Try This Year

These 14 winter hair color trends to try this year are super cute and super easy to pull off! Maybe you’re feeling the cold, and with that, a change? Slip into the seasonal hair colors and give yourself a confidence boost – these hair color trends are sure to stay put all year long and… Read More »