How to Dress Slimmer

In case you haven’t noticed, fashion trends have been evolving considerably, and it’s pretty safe to say that in today’s fashion and style world, anything goes! Whatever fits your shape is good to go, and that is why it’s crucial that you pick out clothes that fit your body shape. You want to find items that accentuate your good curves, and ones that cover the bad ones. So how can you pick out clothes that make you look slimmer? It’s so easy, keep reading!

If you find that you’re heavier on the bottom (around your thighs and butt), go for empire waist styles, as well as sun dresses, or anything with a belt at the waist. This will create the illusion of a slim and fit bottom because it will accentuate your waist. empire waist

One trick to looking slimmer, and one that everyone should know, is of course putting on some heels. You know that empowered feeling that you get from wearing heels (and yes, you can admit that you look sexy!), well they help you look slimmer by adding several inches to your height. This will give the illusion of a slimmer silhouette overall.

If you’re struggling with big arms, stay away from tank-tops, tube tops, and anything that will expose your arms to such an extent. Instead, go for on the shoulder straps and asymmetrical shaped tops, as well as flared arm tops.

Have calf problems? Put on a cute knee-length skirt and a pair of heels ( don’t worry, 1-2 inch is just enough!), and you’ll see a huge difference in your legs. After all, who doesn’t want to strut around with a pair of sexy legs?

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    Great tip about the heels. You should note that vertical stripes with stilettos doesn’t look good. You would want a chunkier heel if wearing vertical stripes. Love the dress above!

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    The dress is really beautiful and I agree that in today’s fashion and style world anything goes. But there are still problems regarding ready-to-wear garment fitting. People still worry about their body shape and it’s hard for most of them to find the exact style and size of clothes, which looks well on their figure.
    I think studying some dressmaking skills will help people overcome these problems.

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