What to Wear This Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, and you may be stumped over what to wear! There are so many choices, yet so little time left, and you just don’t know what will work!

So what are some of the coolest costumes to wear this season? It is all about creativity! Think about what makes you feel good and sexy, and then get to working! Finding your inner person will be very important. You can pick a character that you really love, or a childhood character, whatever floats your boat!

Either way, you have to remember to keep it interesting and creative, and of course, sexy! Remember that it’s Halloween so go crazy and don’t be shy. Fairy tale costumes are very hot, as well as mythical characters such as Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Try to stay away from the cliche naughty nurse or french maid costume, it’s been done too many times. Think beautiful, natural, and creative!greek goddess

  • Christine Bennett

    BULL CRAP! No offence, but in case anyone wants a differing opinion; don’t do ‘sexy’ it’s soooo cliche and not fun AT ALL. Do something stupid and memorable that will make you laugh!

  • cant find a freaken 80s costume did they wear totos then

  • Eleanor…

    yes they did. go to party occasions and they sell them there.

  • Poisonous Lawz

    Stick with genre and go for scary. Drop ‘sexy’ and go for gore, so for realistic and go for shock tactics… that’ll keep them talking about stop you looking like a bimbo who thinks the only way to do fancy dress is to have as much flesh out as possible. Really make heads turn with gruesome gore, monster contact lenses, attention to detail and loads of creative make-up.

    No one ever remembers the slutty bumble bee… they remember the blooded corpse bride!