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Simple hair how tos, including colors, cuts, and hair fixes.

How to Fix Breaking Hair at Home

Is your hair getting thinner, dryer, and simply breaking off? Have you noticed your layers getting shorter? If so, your hair is desperately crying out for attention: it’s simply breaking. There are of course many contributors to breaking hair, and before you find a solution,  you first must find WHY it’s happening in the first… Read More »

7 Life Saving Hair Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know

Whether you have a lot of it, or a little (like moi!), hair is just there and it screams for our attention constantly. Let’s face it – a bad hair day can ruin the most beautiful makeup job and the most on point outfit. Thankfully, these 13 life saving hair hacks have saved my bad… Read More »

5 Hair Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

Taking care of your hair is oh-so important, especially if you want a head full of healthy locks. Wrapping it in a towel after a shower or frying it with heat every day is a big no-no, but we all still do it and then later complain that our hair looks like crap! Well of… Read More »

How to Get Beach Waves For Thin Hair

Getting beach waves ins’t as hard as you may think! Contrary to popular belief, they ARE easy to pull off…in just a matter of minutes actually! In this quick tutorial, I will show you exactly how to get those cool, beach waves that you’ve always wanted in just under 5 minutes. Here’s how to get… Read More »

11 Foods That Double As Hair Products

If you haven’t been following the natural beauty product train, now’s your chance to do it! You have so many things in your cupboard and fridge that could work for your hair, skin, AND nails, that I could sit here all day enumerating them! These natural things that are found in your kitchen are amazing… Read More »

How to Style Wet Hair

Styling wet hair has never been fun for me, but sometimes, I have to do it. Especially early in the morning when you’re running out the door, probably already late, there really isn’t much choice. There is simply no time for the blowdrier! But in any case, there IS hope for styling wet hair. How… Read More »

The Best Beach Wave Sprays For Your Hair

Want beach worthy waves? Look no further than these next products. Designed with the sun, sand, and salt water in mind, these beach wave sprays will have you go from stick straight to beach goddess in no time. So here are the best beach wave sprays for your hair. The Best Beach Wave Sprays For… Read More »

How To Do A Boho Fishtail Braid

Tired of the same old simple side braid? Me too. Fishtail braids have a bad reputation for being very difficult, when in reality, they’re really not all that hard to do. And the more you do it, the easier it get obviously! This particular fish tail braid will have a small bohemian accent braid to… Read More »

How to Get Gorgeous, Shiny, and Frizz Free Hair

If your hair is feeling a little lackluster, that’s probably got a lot to do with how you take care of it. Just like your skin, your hair also needs a little TLC. Whether it been regular trims, weekly masks, or hot hair treatments, these are all things you hair actually NEEDS. So stop procrastinating,… Read More »

3 New Hair Colors You MUST Try This Summer

Sun’s finally out and that means it’s time for a change! Whether you’re getting a new cut or just sprucing up your hair color, these next 8 hair colors are definitely ones you’ll want to try! So here are 3 new hair colors your MUST try this summer! 3 New Hair Colors You Must Try This Summer #1.… Read More »