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Simple hair how tos, including colors, cuts, and hair fixes.

Whitney Port Ombre Hair

The Ombre Hair Color Trend: Would You?

I’ve been seriously contemplating on whether I should jump on the ombre hair color trend, but I just haven’t been able to make the leap yet. I have pretty light blonde hair, and I’m just not sure my dry, brittle ends could take a coat of red, black or brown color on top of already damaged strands.

While going ombre isn’t for everyone, it is a fun little experiment to try with you hair, especially if you have dark hair. I find that the ombre hair color trend works best on those with darker hair – I think it just looks better. So if you have brown or black hair, try going a little lighter at the ends!

One thing I would not recommend though, is doing it yourself. I have seen plenty of DIY ombre mishaps, and a salon really wouldn’t charge you as much as you think. But don’t forget that the ombre hairstyle also looks really good with other, more unconventional colors, such as blue, pink, purple, and whatever else you can think of. Just remember to get it done professionally!

Here are some of my fave ombre hairstyles. Let me know what you think and also if you’ve done it or you think you might!

Bad Hair Cut

How to Get Over a Bad Hair Cut

Its happened to all of us at some point in our lives; we go to the salon, ask for a trim or some layers, and come out looking completely ridiculous- not what we had in mind!

Thankfully, there are ways that you can actually get over a bad hair cut with some very basic tricks. Here’s how to deal with a bad hair cut:


During this time, accessories will be your best friend. So go and pick up some cute bobby pins and start experimenting. If your hair has been cut too short, twist some strands at the front and pin them back. Get cute, sparkly pins so they stand out and draw attention away from your bad cut. Also, headbands can be your best friends at this point in time, so make sure you stock up on some really cute ones!


Grab a curling iron, a straightener, or even a crimper and start experimenting. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with your hair if you just set a half hour aside and use some tools. Try straightening your hair by dividing the hair into four parts: 2 parts at the back, and 2 parts at the front. Straighten each part one by one, to get super straight, sleek strands. Use different sized curling barrels. My favorite is the no-clamp curling iron which makes much better curls, allowing you to start at the top, instead of at the bottom. Try big curls, and try little curls – you never know what’ll work best for you!


If done right, braids can be a girl’s best friend. I always do a side braid when I’m having a bad hair day. Just take all of your hair and bring it over to one side (try choosing your best side!). Then, just do a regular braid. Takes no more than 5 minutes, and you’ll instantly see a difference. Plus, side braids or ponys, are universally flattering so you really can’t go wrong. If you have really short hair, incorporate a few tiny braids into your hair and clip them back away from your face.


Whatever your length, experiment with ponytails. Whether you’re making a high pony, a low pony, or even a bun, these styles will definitely hide your bad hair cut. Try incorporating some volume into your do by teasing the crown or even the sides. Then, pull your hair back as high or as low as you want. Again, experimenting with these different styles can shed a lot of light on what looks better on you.

If All Else Fails…

If your hair cut is really just that bad, and there’s nothing you can do, most salons will actually offer complimentary “touch-ups”. Call your salon and explain to them that you are not happy with your cut. Most will be happy to work on your hair, absolutely free of charge. After all, they know you could be a repeat customer, and if you’ve already been there for a while, they won’t want to loose you.


Wait it out. If we’re talking just a bad bangs job, you might as well wait it out. At this point, there is not much you can do but just twist back your bangs and wait for mother nature!

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color

Choose Your Perfect Hair Color – Without the Salon!

It seems as if even today women have a very hard time finding that perfect hair color. The color is either too light, too dark, or just doesn’t suit the complexion. And it’s not like going to the salon is always an option or even works out in your favor! So what’s a girl to do?

Enter John Frieda and his new collection of hair dyes. You probably already know of Frieda’s extensive hair products and how good they really are, but until now, he’s never experimented with actual hair color. So I was super excited when I heard this, and since I’m a hair dye junkie, I tried it out right away.

Well maybe not right away though, since I checked out the John Frieda website and found a Shade Selector that I thought was just genius! Start by selecting your natural shade and then go on from there. It will ask you a few questions, and, in the end, will give you the perfect hair color for YOU! As soon as I got my result, I went out and bought the exact same color and I must say it came out amazing!

There have been only a few hair dyes that I really liked, but this one is my new favorite. The color came out exactly as I wanted it, and it went perfectly with my complexion. I don’t know how they figured it out, but I got better results than I would at the salon!

Rachel Zoe Hair

Hottest Fall Hair Looks

New York Fashion Week gave us a fabulous preview of what’s to come in the Spring of 2012, but until then, we’ll settle for some of the gorgeous hairstyles the designers and stylists collaborated on. Take some inspiration from these hairstyles, because they’ll be perfect and hassle free for the fall/winter months.

Rebecca Minkoff Hippie-Chic Hair

Rebecca Minkoff’s NYFW stylist Jeanie Syfu took her inspiration from Diane Keaton’s role in Manhattan when creating the models’ hair looks. It’s a mix of hippie-chic natural look mixed with a brushed-out perm. Here’s how to get this look:

  • Spray a root booster onto wet hair and divide hair into four sections.
  • Take each section and twist hair tightly into four corkscrews. Secure them with an elastic.
  • Diffuse hair with a blowdryer for about 20 minutes.
  • Let hair cool down for a bit and remove the elastics. Brush hair with a smoothing paddle brush to get that effect.

Rachel Zoe Loose Braids

Braids are definitely not gone yet – in fact, they’re coming back stronger than ever, and Rachel Zoe’s NYFW show for Spring/Summer 2012 is proof! Inspired by Brigitte Bardote, stylist Didier Malige, went for a sexy, next-day bedroom look braid that’s easy to do and hassle free. Here’s how to get this look:

  • Start by applying a texturizing spray to the roots of next-day hair.
  • Blowdry your hair using your fingers to get out any natural waves you may have.
  • Take random sections of hair and curl them slightly using a curling iron.
  • Begin by loosely braiding a pony tail at the nape of your neck. Leave a few pieces out and finish off with light hairspray.


Nicole Richie - Warm Skin Tone

How to Choose the Right Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Since I wrote a post about this season’s hottest hair colors, I thought I’d it follow it up with an informative post about how to actually choose the right hair color for your skin tone (thanks to a fellow reader!). Whether you’re a natural blonde, brunette, or redhead, you can pretty much change to any hair color as long as you follow some strict guidelines.


All complexions consist of two skin tone categories: warm skin tones and cool skin tones.


If you have a yellow or golden undertone, you fall under the warm category. Therefore, hair colors that have a warm undertone will look much better on you than a cool undertone color. So how can you tell if you have a warm skin tone? Simply look at the veins in your arms in the day light. If the veins appear to be green, then your complexion is warm.And don’t forget that this rule doesn’t only apply to hair but everything else in between such as makeup and clothing!


If you have pink or blue skin undertones, you have a cool skin tone. This means that hair colors with cool undertones will look better on you. To see if your skin tone is cool, take a look at the veins in your arms during daylight and if they are blue, then you have a cool complexion.












- If you’re dying your hair for the first time, head to your local salon for better results. Plus, they’ll be able to match you with your perfect hair color.

- If you’re a pro at dying your hair at home (you’ve done it a few times), don’t forget that all dye boxes now tell you whether the color is warm or cool.

- There are always exceptions to the rules, such as combining warm and cool tones and using them as dimensional colors, but again, I would suggest you get this done by a professional

- Can’t figure out what your skin tone is? As a rule of thumb, most people are actually cool toned.

Rihanna Strawberry Red Hair

Hottest Hair Colors for 2011

This year has brought us a lot of different trends, but one that I change the most is my hair color. I’ve been every single hair color imaginable (well, almost) from black, to brunette, to bleach blonde, fiery red, and everything in between. No, this hasn’t been good on my hair, but dying my hair is one of my vices and I just love changing my color!

This season is all about having rich, shiny color, weather it’s blonde or brunette. Here are the hottest hair hues for the fall of 2011.


This metallic blonde hue is the hottest color this season, but don’t go switching from brunette to blonde – it doesn’t look good on everyone. But, if you’re already a blonde, go a little lighter this season.


Brunettes should opt for rich, chocolatey hues. Dark chocolate hues make your skin look younger and more feminine. Also with brunette shades, your hair will take on a lot more shine than say with blonde hues.


Red is the IT color this season and the great thing about it is that it works for almost all skin types. Rihanna’s strawberry red hue is the most coveted, but you can opt for something a little less daring…or just go all out!

Toussle Hair

Get Incredible Volume and Waves in 3 Easy Steps

Straightening your hair in the summer doesn’t always work out…especially with the humidity. Not only that, but wearing the same flat, straight hairstyle every day can be a little blah, so why not spice up your look this season and get some incredible volume and waves? I’ll show you how in just 3 easy steps!

What You’ll Need:

  1. At least medium length hair (shoulder length or longer)
  2. A curling iron ( 1 1/2″)
  3. Hair spray

Step 1

Separate your hair into 2 sections on each side of your face. Take your curling iron and start with one section, working your way from back to front. Take 1-2″ strands of hair and curl the hair outwards with the barrel pointing away from your face. Hold the iron for about 10 seconds depending on the thickness of your hair. Repeat this step until all of your strands are curled.

Step 2

Shake those curls out by gently running your fingers through your hair. Then, flip your hair over to get some mega volume.

Step 3

Lastly, add some hair spray to ensure that your waves stay put. For extra volume, flip your hair over and spray at the roots. Finish off with a frizz fighting gloss and run it slowly over your strands.

There you have it girls, incredible volume and waves in just 3 easy steps!

fishtail braid

How to do a Fishtail Braid

If you love braids as much as I do, you probably know that they aren’t the easiest style to achieve. Sure, a simple three part braid is a walk in the park, but what about other, more complicated styles? Here, I show you how to do a french braid, but the hottest braid style this season is a fishtail braid.

Fergie Wearing a Side Fishtail Braid

What You’ll Need:

  • A comb
  • Elastic

Step 1:

Make a low ponytail at the back of your head. Remember that this style works best on medium to long hair that is preferably all one length.

Step 2:

Divide your pony into two equal sections…one for each hand.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to fishtail! You divided your pony into two equal parts. Now, take a small section of one of the parts so you have three parts in your hands.

Step 4:

Take that last section of hair your divided (the smallest one), and cross it over to combine it with the farthest section of hair (not the one you pulled the small section from!). Let go of it – you should now have two sections of hair.

Step 5:

Now pull a small piece of hair from the other half of your hair and cross it over to the other section.

Step 6:

Now continue to go along the length of your hair repeating the above steps of grabbing a little piece from one side and crossing it over to the other side .

Now there are other ways to do a fishtail braids, but this one starting with the pony is the easiest way and is the perfect beginner fishtail. Good luck braiders!