Bold Colors For Your Hair

Out with the old and in with the new! All over streaks and highlights are so yesterday! Now the monochromatic look is back in style and sexier than ever. So here are this season’s bold colors for your hair!


blonde hair

Amp up your dos by brightening your base and blending in any existing highlights. For extra shine, do a monthly gloss treatment.



Go for two tones darker than your roots. A deep chocolate or a coffee shade will make your do super shiny and ultra sultry.


Auburn Hair

Avoid copper hues which can make for pale complexions. Instead, opt for shades of auburn or amber.

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  • Kristin H

    i have natural curly hair and i dyed it jet black two months ago and i have decided to put some cool highlights on the top and ends. Sadely i don’t have any idea of what kind of color. I tan so the black can look natural. what color(s) should i use?

  • Well first I would suggest that you go to a salon to get your highlights since jet black hair can be a little difficult to work with when implementing highlights. That being said, you can go for brown based highlights which will blend in nicely with the black. Also, red-tinted highlights would work.I would just recommend staying away from bright blond as the contrast would be too high. Hope this helps Kristin!

  • Alison

    i just got my hair cut yesterday and i HATE IT! before i used to get complimeants all the time… now i dont. im so upset because i feel like my hair is one of my best qualities and now its ruiend how do i get my long hair back QUICK!?

  • Melissa

    I know the feeling, being bored with long hair and getting a short cut to find out you shouldn’t have cut it at all. I had long hair and chopped it to my shoulders… not the best idea. Here’s something that I did to grow it out quicker. All your hair is is dead cells, by exercising more and being out in the sun you can get your long hair back quicker because your creating dead cells faster from sweat and heat, but it’s still going to take time. <3

  • alexandriahendeson

    hi.i have dark blonde hair and was wondering what color to dye my hair?

  • Ana

    you should add more for people who naturally have dark hair.
    my hair is almost black, you can really only tell its dark(times ten) brown when the sunlight hits it.

    and, do you know of any good hair dyes that are made for dark hair? my skin is so pale (im a sad excuse for a hispanic woman) and i feel the near-black looks odd on me.

  • Shelly

    Kristin, tanning is not good for you. I don’t think it’ll work if it’s a fake jet black. Oh, and I’m Chinese and I’m saying the same as Ana, but I look Chinese and I’m not pale. I’m just trying to say no tanning because I don’t want people to die of skin cancer!

  • Andrea

    k i have died my hair a few tymes to dark golden brown.i was wanting to go back to light blonde but i dunno if it would turn out good or not and i dont wanna risk it.

  • Shelly

    You think I’m weird, don’t you.

  • Beth

    i have just had blonde highlights put in my mid brown hair for a while now. The roots are showing and prom is coming up. I want to get rid of the blonde and go red/burgundy, to match my prom dress, although will it suit my pale skin?

  • Kayla

    I love the blonde hairstyle & color! It wouldn’t look good on me though.

  • Diana

    I have dark brown curly hair. Very thick and full. I’ve dyed it aumburn a few times but lately let my natural color grow out. I’ve been wanting to try blonde tones but decided it’s not me. I’ve always been a red color tone fan so I want to go back to aumburn. I also love coppor! I do have fair skin, though the season is getting warmer and my skin tone is darkening a few shades so I know I wont look pale with copper. But I don’t think I’d look fairly good with it either. I thought I should try aumburn, a color I know that does look nice on me, and add coppor highlights.
    Does that sound like a good decition?

  • If your skin looks good with red tones, then I don’t see why copper highlights wouldn’t work on you. But I would advise you to get your highlights professionally done, especially if you’re unsure.

  • Callista

    Hey i have auburn hair and i want to put streaks but i dont know what color i was thinking of amber but would that do good with my hair??

  • Emma

    what shade blonde is it on the top one, its really nice

  • Ok, i have almost black hair but its naturally dark brown,and i wanna dye my hair the same color as the last picture up above, does anyone know what color that is percisley?

  • Hi Shena,

    The red hue in the above picture would be a little hard to pull off if you dye your hair at home since it is multitoned and also has some highlights. Your best bet would be to print out the picture or, if you have a smartphone, bring it in with you to a salon and show your stylist. She’ll probably be able to match it pretty closely! Good luck!!

  • Christina

    Two things;
    One, who is the model for the blonde hair?
    Two, I’m a natural ginger and unless I am dying my hair pitch, pure black, NO color works well for me and I have trouble getting my hair to a dark auburn. Any suggestions?

  • Devin

    Hi, I have blonde bangs, brown/copper red, the underneath is dark brown. I wanted to leave my bangs blond the rest dark brown with red streaks in it. What do you think, would be possible to do at home?

  • Hi Devin,

    I personally don’t suggest doing this yourself, since it could end up in a catastrophe! Unless you’re dying all of your hair one color, head to the salon and leave it to the professionals 🙂

  • jobanny

    Hello REaders,
    i know how it feels to have your hair nice and long and then cutting it into layers and totally fucking it up. Me as a man know that blonde is totally my color n omgosh did you see Angelina Jolie’s hair totally not working for her.

  • jobanny

    hey girls i dont knw whether to get my hair light blond or just go back to black hella cuties i mean guys hahaha

  • jobanny

    any sexy single guys