How to Get Natural Waves

During the summer, it can be somewhat tedious to always blow dry your hair and style it either straight, curly, or give it some volume. That’s why wavy hair is the perfect solution for hot summer days. Wavy hair is usually the most common type of hair without any styling, therefore if it’s already there, it makes it that much easier!

Granted that you have naturally straight or wavy hair, getting natural waves is a breeze. If you have big, curly hair, you might want to straighten your hair before beginning the process. Once your hair is straight, start making loose waves using a curling iron.

Luckily for those with straight hair, the process doesn’t have to involve any curling irons. All you have to do is wash your hair, brush it out, and apply a curl enhancing mousse. Once you’ve done that, pile your hair up in a bun.

Let your hair air dry like this (some people leave it like that over night). Take the elastic out, and let the bun loose. Your hair should have beautifully natural waves, as long as you don’t put too much mousse in your hair. A dime-sized amount should be enough!wavy-hair3.jpg

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  • alexis

    i think this is great. I used some of the same techniques myself 🙂
    it works well but miss jessie i think you should since i too have somewhat poker straight hair. i did what she said but also apply mousse, gel, and hair spray, pull pack leave it over night. blow dry in the morning and spray a tad of hair spray to keep in tack 🙂

  • ella

    another thing that works is a hair scrunching spray.
    after you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, towel dry it, and apply alot of that spray all over. rub it into your scalp with your fingertips, and scrunch the rest of your hair. then leave it to dry naturally.

  • Gwen

    Does this work with shortish hair? My hair is just above my sholders.

  • kayla westcott

    um i tried that and it does it work

  • Aleesa Joulin

    I have tried this before I even came onto this site and its worked to me ever sinced the day i turned 15 (last June 09)
    I do it whenever i dont straighten my hair and its a great way of adding volume. for a more intense curl try putting 4 buns in your hair before you go to sleep! I do it all the time~! Its a little uncomfy at first but you get used to it!! 😛

  • Gabriella

    Thank You so much! I want try this right now, but I do not have the mousse, do you know where I can get this pparticular mousse? Thank You! 🙂

  • Hi Gabriella,

    You can find a curl enhancing mousse at any drugstore or beauty store.

  • Grace

    Hey, what sort of bun do you mean. I tried it and ended up with no curl until my shoulder. Love the four bun idea, how do you do it? Thanks Grace

  • Shannon Lisa Marie

    I’ve not tried it yet. Soooo, fingers crossed for me. Lets hope it works in time for my party! Will it work on longish hair??? I’ve got hair up to the middle of my back. Thanks ;)xx

  • Shannel

    I’m gonna try it out. Hope it works! Never have wavy hair so its gonna be a change. Might try the 4 bun thing that was said above. 🙂

  • Lisa

    i know this sounds stupid, but what kind of bun ?

  • lake

    hey i have natural curly hair all u need is to put the aussie leave in conditioner in damp hair then put the aussie hair gel in and scrunch and ta-da it a pretty hair look try to scrunch as much as u can n i recommend short or med hair long is too heavy to stay curled especially if u have thick hair like me!!!!

  • Amanda

    What kind of bun?!
    I tried with a ballerina, twisty bun… And it failed.
    Help with the bun making!

  • bre

    I really want naturally wavy hair, but would I have to do this for a long time before it becomes natural? My straight hair is soo boring! Oh, and any tips on making my hair grow a lot faster? (:

  • Dominique

    I have thick curly hair, and I have tried everything to get loose waves! Nothing seems to work for me, any advise???

  • Sophie

    Hey i have thick hair and its got natural curls but its also really boofy!! I have never tried this technique before, but do you think it would work for my type of hair ? I dont particularly want a big kink in my hair from the bun. And also, how high should the bun/buns be ?

  • livvy

    will this still work cos i have alot of layers?

  • kaela

    well idk how to put hair in a bun for this yet but im guessing you just grab your hair and tie it into a messy bun. and do you put the mousse on the body or the whole head?? thanks! 😛

  • kaela

    OK. so this does work…but its very faint if you have very fine, straight hair. and for the bun you DO just pile it onto your head and put a hair tie around it.. Hope i’ve helped 🙂

  • Gina

    you need to do a messy bun. scrunch up you hair and put lots of hair ties in it so nothing is coming out. if this dousn’t work try back brushing it before you put it in a bun

  • Lexa

    I have natural wavy hair and i love it…