Summer Hairstyles

Wanna look your best this summer? Look no further than right here where I’ve compiled the top hottest hair styles that you can sport yourself without any worries! They’re easy to do, low maintenance, and best of all, they will give you tons of confidence and sex appeal. As a heads up, this summer requires natural looking hair. No fake pink dyes or crazy styles; whatever looks soft, feminine, and natural is key this season. So let’s review the hottest hair styles today!


Swirls are always fun to get. They make anyone look great and they’re so easy to pull off, you won’t need an instructions manual. And don’t worry, you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for products or salons. Trust me, you can totally do this yourself! Start by creating a casual crease by scrunching your hair with your hands and rubbing on powder for body and a matte texture. If you have longer hair and you’re looking for a flipped-out style, turn up the ends with a brush and mist with hair spray to hold in place. For a fuller mane, apply a good hair base for that extra sexy bounce. Too crazy for you? Try low-key swirls by preventing flatness with mousse or gel.swirls


Waves are always in, no matter what the season, so that’s why you can never go wrong with this style. It’s low maintenance and sexy, so you have nothing to worry about! Creating sexy, tousled waves is all about the imperfect effect. Twist your strands around your fingers for a piecey, almost tangled look. You can also curl your hair midway and tousle with your fingers or have a sexy swept pony by pulling the pony to the side and working a texturizing cream through it.tousled waves


If you have big curls and full hair, don’t fight it! Let your wild curls come to life this summer; after all, it’s all about bringing out that natural beauty! Curl random strands here and there with a curling iron, leaving some looser than others. You can also do a half-up bump while styling the pony with a spray gel. Already have a full head of curls? Fluff them up with a serum to get the most out of them! curly hair

16 thoughts on “Summer Hairstyles

  1. lauren

    well actually i got for a very straight look whenever i want to go hangout at the pool and look at the boys. but on a night out i go for a wavy curly look and some bronzer it makes u look wild but not to much!

  2. Nicky

    Straight hair is really NOT in right now.

    Waves are totally the way to go, they very low maintainance and so easy to do!

  3. Samii

    i love curly hair, i do agree tho i think straight is more in but curls r hottt n i have been told curly looks better for me great tips! thanks

  4. stevii

    i have WAY WAY curly hair. everyone thinks it looks amazing; except me. i like it both, my bf likes it curly on playful nights. my uncles and aunts and cousins say that dudes dig curly hair, it makes you more unik cause no two curls are the same. be unik.! PLUS. they are WAY easier to deal with rather than having to straighten them away all the time.

  5. jenny

    My hair is longish and staight and a darkish redish brown…..I like medium size culrs, with an up-syle with some fallen curls ok! im going to my debs soon so what hair style would you recommend. If you have pictures please sent them 2!!!!!

  6. maria

    o m g i so want curly hair my hair is so straight i hate that=( i am totaly gonna get curlz curlz rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  7. maura

    i have not only rediculously curly hair… but it’s extremely thick too!): everyone loves it and says they’d die for my hair. but i hate it. it’s so hard to deal with and takes 3 hours to straighten. it’s rediculous hair. i always get complements on it like… whoa, beautiful hair you got there and i love your hair, etc. i find it hilarious how people try to curl they’re hair! i think light, beachy waves are in, they are sooo cute, not big poofy curls or flat boring straight hair either. WAVES ALL THE WAY!

  8. Shaina

    I think guys like curly hair better. my hair is loose spiral curl starting halfway down my head. and it’s easy to straighten my hair, but i get more complements when i take to the curling iron from both guys and girls. i think girls with curly hair should imbrace it 🙂

  9. Michigan

    I have curly hair, and I have recently learned to love it! Everyone has always told me they love my hair, especially my boyfriend! He gets mad at me when I would straighten it!

  10. Caitlin

    I have naturally wavy (almost curly), fine but thick hair. I don’t like it wavy at all because it’s just very uneven and frizzy and I just hate it. I straighten my hair everyday when I wear it down, or I just put it in a ponytail. I haven’t tried curling it yet, and I have a school dance coming up. My friend said that she was gonna curl my hair for me, but I don’t know how she’s gonna curl it. I also have a round face so curls near the cheeks will accent it more. What kind of curls would look best on me? (I know this is a little off subject, but I need some help :/ please?)

  11. Aniela Post author

    Hi Caitlin,

    Well first, it all depends on how long your hair is. If your hair is shoulder-length or shorter, I would stay away from curls, especially if you have a round face. Try getting your hair cut in layers which will give your face a little structure or just stick to straight here. Again, I don’t know what your hair looks like so your best bet would be going to a salon and have it professionally done if possible!

  12. rida

    I have very curly, thick, black hair. Plus there is the puffiness and the frizziness. I have tried a lot hair sprays, shampoos/ conditioners and mousse. How should I keep the frizz down? Plzz help!!! 🙂

  13. MRS BUMM

    I have almost wavey hair, my problem is that its so dry!!!! if i try to put oils in it or even leave in conditioner it totally flattens it!! and then makes it greesey. i usually just let my hair do its own thing, with the exception of straighting my bangs, it seems alright but it’s really just because i’m super lazy in the mornings. Or i’ll pull it sleek against my head into a high ponytail and let the curls poof out of the end, i have medium to long hair so this actually looks cute i am told.I just like easy. I just want to be able to find 1 product that i can put in my hair so it soesnt look dry or flat.

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