Make Your Own Nail Polish

nail polish

Nail polish comes in thousands of different shades and colors, but sometimes the one you’re looking for just isn’t there! Or maybe you don’t want to pay a ton of money for something you’ll only use a few times. So why don’t you get crafty and make your own nail polish!

I know it sounds a little extreme, but if you like to get creative, this is the project for you. Make sheer pink glitter, sparkly sunshine yellow, or anything that strikes your fancy.


1 paper envelope

1 bottle white or clear nail polish

1/2 to 1 teaspoon finely crushed powder eyeshadow or as needed ( you choose the color!)

1/3 teaspoon fine glitter (optional)


Start by making a tiny funnel by snipping off a corner of the envelope. Open the bottle of nail polish and position the funnel over the top.

Pour the eyeshadow and the glitter together into the nail polish bottle (use the funnel). Mix well with a small wooden stick. You can also close the bottle and shake well.

nail polish thumbHot pink nail polish

That’s it! Now all you have to do is test it out! Brush a little on a nail. If you’re not satisfied with the color or the sparkle, add more!

bright nail polish


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  • Donna

    Hi i thinkit sounds kool I will give a try Thanks for the tip if you have more let me know Thanks Donna

  • nic

    thnx 4 the advice…now all i need is eyeshadow

  • Bob

    I’m a man. It sounds awesome. I’ll try it.

  • Bob’s Friiend Bill

    ii was lookin 4 a nice simple recipe thankx !

  • lynnie&ashley

    it sounds to good to be true !!!!!

  • That sounds cool. I have a lot of eye shadow that i don’t use that would work well for this project!

  • Lolalina

    Ummm…… really? This works? Eyeshadow? I’ll try it. Hopefully I am not waisting but…… okkay

  • jen

    i was looking for a nail polish recipe that doesnt require actually buying a nail polish as a base, but something else, any suggestions????

  • Alex

    I am going to try this. I hope to eventually create my own line of nail care products and polishes. Thank you for the idea!

  • this didnt work 4 me!it went all lumpy

  • fiona

    bobs friend bill thats because you didnt crush the eye shawdow enough. you want to make it into really fine powder. NO LUMPS!

  • how do you make ur own nails…

  • Kathy

    Wow thanks that helped me a lot on my science project. 🙂

  • worked perfect i did a aqua blue looks better than when you it looks i got them done at the salon but much better!THANKS

  • Perfect i did aqua blue it shiny and looks better than a store product and salon

  • wow looks amazing

  • perfect!one problem it peels like the kid polish from kiddie stores

  • Sammmmmi

    WOW! What a cool idea. I am so trying this the next time one of my BFF’s sleepover! Any other ideas on how to make, make-up?

  • Kate

    wow perfect yellow it worked and I prevented it from cracking by puting a clear polish on over it it was perfect loved it ( :

  • bobandbill’s friend freddddd

    cool!!! i am starting my own makeup line with my friends, and while i dont think we could actually sell this, its a great DIY idea!!! 🙂

  • YO~~BpOCd

    I m doin a science proj… We want 2 make a nail polish that changes colors with your mood… any suggestions?

  • is that all you half to use to make nail polish ?

  • Emily

    Hey, I am Emily. I am going to try it and hope it will work. My friend told me that when she did it it worked. So I hope it will work for me.

  • swimmer

    this would be perfect for a birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx swimmer

  • Baby Jessi

    Yay!!Thank you so much this really worked!!I’ve been wanting a beautiful unique nail polish color and now I have it!!thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  • Maggie

    Thnx so much, this will go great with my mums x-mas present 😉 …… now something for dad?????

  • mia

    i love bob

  • Marissa

    Wow I never thought of this idea! I obsess over my nails and LOVE to paint them. Thank you so much I heart this idea!!

  • zoe

    this is a fab wesite !!!!!!!!!!!! i am gonna go on dis every time coz i LUV NAIL POLISH!! 🙂 xx

  • Ally

    THNXX for da tip! It really worked and i have made a shiny new color of Blue glitter nail paint! Yeaah!i made it with neon green it looked soooo coooool! Thnxx alot now i dont wnna buy anymore nail colors!

  • aweeeesomei love u go girl friend

  • wow that really works i just saved 4.00 on the color that i wanted

  • OMG this is soooooo cool! I love this color I made! it is so pretty in pink!

  • I tried this, and I’m having a problem with the glitter clumping at the bottom of the bottle or separating from the nail polish. Any way to counteract this?

  • TAyloR

    i made some black nailpolish but i want it to be a little bit darker but im out of black there anything else i can put in it so it gets darker?

  • Jeniffer

    what is nail polish beside a paint to decorate your nails????? :/

  • coolie

    cool,but do u have any other procedure on how to make nail polish without useing any “already made nail polish!!!”

  • Carissa

    thanks i am going to try this but do you have any recpies that i can use to do a science project, because i have done 1 recipe and it didnt turn out as planed. thanks for all the help…

  • graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace(:


  • Ilmaaaaaa

    hello..are u sure??does it even work??eye shadow??I don’t really understand..i want turquiose nailpolish!!!how do i make it??i don’t understand properly..and did it work??Ilma

  • d-d

    umm how is this going to be liquid for nail polish?

  • Roxanne Hanson

    i love this easy way to make your own nail polish! it is helping me out with my science fair project!thank you!

  • sel

    jinteria you dont!

  • Madisen

    i think i will try this every body says it worked. now when i have a science project i know what to do. This seems cool. i’m going to do it when my BFF is over.

  • Alexis

    This year for my birthday I’m going to have a spa sleepover and I’m defently gonna do it for this. I tried it today and my nails are super sparkly and pretty, Thanks!

  • lauren

    hey that sounds awsome! i will try that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leslie

    i tried it before and it doesnt work!:p

  • Hali

    this works so well i only use this nail polish i got rid of all my other brand names and only use this I LOVE THIS !!!

  • geneva

    which comes out better for black, white or clear for the base?


  • jd

    that is cool i’ll give it a try

  • thnx ill try it i just luv nail polish the colors are so pretty bye thnx for the recipe