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Simple makeup tips, including all the latest makeup colors, makeup applying techniques, and trends.

How to Find the Right Lipstick Shade For Your Skin Tone

When it comes to lipstick, there are a TON of different shades to choose from and sometimes, that can be daunting. On top of that, we get swayed to wear the “hottest lipstick shades this season”, which aren’t always complementary to our skin tones. I remember when orange hues were hot a couple years back,… Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Makeup Shelf Life and Expiration

Ladies…it’s time to toss out the expired makeup! I know you keep your stuff around for waaaay longer than you should, because I do it too! But let’s face it, we’re not helping ourselves here. All that makeup you’ve been keeping for years and years? It’s laden with bacteria – TONS of it! And that… Read More »

How to Apply Foundation Like a Pro

Applying foundation shouldn’t be a chore…and it doesn’t have to be! Once you have these 5 steps down pat, you’ll be applying foundation like a pro in no time! Step #1: Choose the Right Shade For You I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people with the wrong shade of foundation on –… Read More »

22 Creepy Makeup Looks to Try This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and if you don’t have a costume in mind, or don’t want to spend a lot of money, the best route to go with is makeup! Granted, you’ll have to possess a little bit of artistic talent or at least have a friend that can do it for you. If not,… Read More »

Fall 2012 Makeup Looks

Check out some of this season’s hottest makeup looks and get inspired! Full, Defined Brows   Dark, Bold Lips   Bold Eyeliner Colorful, Two-Toned Shadows   Defined Cheeks               Fresh, Natural Faces   We post stuff just like this every day on Facebook!

Top Fall Makeup Trends

Although the temperatures are dropping, hot, sizzling makeup trends are rising and they’re here to make a big statement. This past summer left us with minimal makeup as the heat was just unbearable, but now it’s time to pile on the colors and get creative. Here are the hottest makeup trends to try this fall!… Read More »

3 Steps to Getting Soft Lips

Soft, kissable lips are sooo easy to get, but a lot of us forget to pamper our pucker, especially in the summer. The cold winter months have us all applying and reapplying our chapsticks, but what about summer? The sun can do a lot of damage to your lips and you may not even notice.… Read More »

How to Wear Makeup to the Beach

With the summer finally in full swing, you’ll probably be hitting up a few beaches and pool parties, but how exactly should you proceed with your makeup? Everyone knows that wearing a full face of makeup in the heat (especially if you’re outside all day) or while swimming is a big no no. But thankfully,… Read More »

A No-Maintenance Summer Look

With the unbearable heatwave still on, it can be a little hard to get your makeup to stay on, but if you wear a natural look you’ll be guaranteed that there will be no meltdowns! Keep your face fresh and simple this summer and you’ll have no mishaps! Here’s how to get a fresh, natural,… Read More »

An Easy Summer Makeup Look

With the heat in full swing, you can’t afford to pile on the makeup and have it sweat off your face after just a few hours. That’s why you need to devise a new, fresh, makeup routine that will stay on all day and won’t feel caked on. This quick and easy summer makeup look… Read More »