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Bold Appliques

Fall 2012 Makeup Looks

Check out some of this season’s hottest makeup looks and get inspired!

Full, Defined Brows


Dark, Bold Lips


Bold Eyeliner

Colorful, Two-Toned Shadows


Defined Cheeks








Fresh, Natural Faces


Red Shiny Lips

Top Fall Makeup Trends

Although the temperatures are dropping, hot, sizzling makeup trends are rising and they’re here to make a big statement. This past summer left us with minimal makeup as the heat was just unbearable, but now it’s time to pile on the colors and get creative. Here are the hottest makeup trends to try this fall!

A New Twist on the Smokey Eye

Black and gray smokey eyes can get kinda old and boring, so up the ante by doing a purple smokey eye which looks great especially on those with brown eyes. Just do the same steps you would for a smokey eye, except instead of using black switch it up to purple.

The Tamed Cat Eye

Instead of the traditional harsh cat eye, try a more subdued look by blending the cat eye winged look with a smokey eye look. Once you’ve winged out your liner, just blend the edges outwards for a soft, smokey eye look.

Bright Shadows

Just because fall is here, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear colors. Au contraire girls, THIS fall is all about kicking the norm to the curb and embracing more lively hues – especially when it comes to your eyeshadow. Don’t be afraid to use blues, greens, purples, and whatever other color comes to mind. Just dust a bright shadow over your lids and finish off with a neutral color on top.

Red, Shiny, Pouts

The red lip isn’t just for nights anymore. Channel your inner vixen and go for the big red during the day too. A red, crimson lip shade will look great when paired with minimalist makeup – just lashes and a tiny bit of blush is all you’ll need! Finish off with a gloss.

Dramatic Lashes

Big, dramatic lashes are ALWAYS a good idea simply because they open up your eyes and make your peepers really stand out. So pile on the mascara and go big and bold.

3 Steps to Getting Soft Lips

3 Steps to Getting Soft Lips

Soft, kissable lips are sooo easy to get, but a lot of us forget to pamper our pucker, especially in the summer. The cold winter months have us all applying and reapplying our chapsticks, but what about summer? The sun can do a lot of damage to your lips and you may not even notice. Here are 3 steps to get super soft lips and having them all year long.

Step 1:

You exfoliate your arms and legs, but do you do the same for your lips? Use a soft, gentle exfoliant and rub it into your lips in slow, circular motions. This will not only remove dead skin cells, but the circular motion will also get the blood flowing giving your lips a nice rosy tint.

Step 2:

After you’ve exfoliated, use a good quality lip balm with an SPF. I prefer Burt’s Bees lip balms because they are all natural and do a really good job of leaving your lips soft and also protecting them from getting burnt.

Step 3:

Lastly, apply a moisturizing lipstick. I like to use shades that are close to my actually lip shade to get a natural look. For super soft lips, make sure you always apply lip balm before putting on lipstick or gloss – just make sure you wait a couple of minutes so it dries.

Beach Makeup

How to Wear Makeup to the Beach

With the summer finally in full swing, you’ll probably be hitting up a few beaches and pool parties, but how exactly should you proceed with your makeup? Everyone knows that wearing a full face of makeup in the heat (especially if you’re outside all day) or while swimming is a big no no. But thankfully, there are lots of other ways you can look flawless in the sun without pilling on the heavy makeup.


Start With Sunscreen – Apply a quarter-size drop of SPF to your face and neck. Massage slowly into your skin and let dry for about 5 minutes until you do anything else. Next, take a blotting sheet and apply to oily areas like your T-zone to ensure that all excess residue is soaked up.


Pick up an SPF spiked face powder – not only will it save your skin from the sun but it will also give you coverage and keep your skin staying matte instead of oily. Just dust the powder all over your face and neck to ensure even coverage.


Swipe your lashes with a waterproof mascara. Only give it one or two coats thought – you don’t want them looking thick and heavy.


Lastly, use an SPF lip balm to protect your lips from the harmful rays and also give you a soft, kissable pout.

Natural Makeup Look

A No-Maintenance Summer Look

With the unbearable heatwave still on, it can be a little hard to get your makeup to stay on, but if you wear a natural look you’ll be guaranteed that there will be no meltdowns! Keep your face fresh and simple this summer and you’ll have no mishaps! Here’s how to get a fresh, natural, no-makeup look in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Moisturize! Before putting anything on your face, rub in a light moisturizer to prevent flaking and to help your makeup stay on better! If you have any imperfections, use a concealer only where needed and gently pat it on (no rubbing it in!) until it is blended into your skin. Also, apply a small amount of concealer to your lids. This will brighten them up and make your eyes appear bigger, and less tired. Follow up with a light, translucent powder all over your face.

Step 2

Take a soft, pinkish blush and swipe it across the apples of your cheeks. This will just give your cheeks a rosy tint, but nothing too dramatic. You want to look fresh and natural, so go easy on the blush!

Step 3

Finish off the bare look with one coat of mascara, nude/beige lipstick and a swipe of clear gloss. This look is definitely simple and natural, but it’s great for any day of the week because it’s super quick and won’t sweat off your face.

applying concealer

An Easy Summer Makeup Look

With the heat in full swing, you can’t afford to pile on the makeup and have it sweat off your face after just a few hours. That’s why you need to devise a new, fresh, makeup routine that will stay on all day and won’t feel caked on. This quick and easy summer makeup look is one of my favorites and the one I tend to wear most during the summer months.

Step 1: Prep

Prep your skin by starting off with a clean face. Apply a light, oil-free moisturizer and massage it in circular motions. Once the moisturizer has completely melted into the skin, apply a good primer which will ensure your concealer/foundation will stay put. You should also prep your eyes by applying an eye primer onto your lids.

Step 2: Flawless Finish

If you have perfect skin, just use a good tinted moisturizer to get a perfect, flawless finish. If you’re not that lucky though, start off by dotting on concealer wherever needed (red spots, blemishes, and dark circles). Pat the concealer in, making sure the problem area is thoroughly concealed. When it’s hot out, I prefer to skip the foundation as it can be a little too heavy. Instead, I just apply a matte powder all over my face. This will even out discoloration and put the concealer in its place.

Step 3: Beautify

This is where the color comes in. Get a big powder blush and swirl it over your favorite bronzer. Remember, start with little at first as you can always add more later (it’s harder to remove!). First, run the brush along the contour of your face. Then, run the brush over your brow bone, down to the apples of your cheeks, and just right underneath your chin, like a figure 3. Once you’ve achieved your perfect level of bronzing, add a little blush. Pick a peachy pink color that will look natural on you. Using a kabuki brush, just dab the apples your cheeks and blend it in.

Step 4: The Eyes

Your eyes are one of the most important features on your face…it’s one of the first features a person notices on you! So make sure to pay special attention to them, and bring them out more. Lately, I’ve been using Maybelline’s Eyestudio 4 color palette in Give Me Gold. It’s super cheap, it has good staying power, and the colors are actually very pigmented so you don’t have to run the brush over a hundred times. For a simple, refreshing summer look, I take a light hue, such as a sparkly cream or white and apply it all over my lid. Accentuate your brow bone by highlighting in. Just use the same light color and apply it on your brow bone 2-3 times, so that it really stands out. Use a light golden hue for the inner corners of your eyes and a copper, bronze color for your outer corners. Blend it in well. To make your eyes pop, use the light shadow you used earlier and apply it right in the inner corners of your eyes, making sure to get a tiny line on your lower lash. Finish off with a coat or two of mascara.

Step 5: Get a Pretty Pout

Since your eyes aren’t dramatic, you can play around with different lipstick hues. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know I’ve been obsessed with MAC Viva Glam lipstick in GaGa, which is a beautiful pinkish color that works great with this look. But, if you don’t have that exact lipstick, you can use almost anything. Just apply it to your lips and pat the color in to give it that just-kissed look. Finish off with a clear gloss and you’re good to go!


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Green Eyeshadows

Go Green…With Your Eyeshadow

It’s time to put away your neutrals, and start experimenting with bright, glittery colors! Summer always puts me in the mood to try bright, unexpected colors, and you’d be surprised at what a huge pick-me-up a little color can do for you!

Lately I’ve been obsessed with greens probably because of all the beautiful foliage around me, but also because green eyeshadows bring out the green specks in brown and hazel eyes (which I have), as well as green eyes which make them stand out even more.

This look is actually pretty easy to achieve and it’s perfect for day or night as it’s not too dramatic. Here’s how to get this look!

Step 1:

Prime your lids with a lid primer or a concealer, they both work just as well. This will ensure a clean canvas which will make it easier to work on. Also, the blank canvas helps your eye color stand out better.

Step 2:

Take an angled eyeliner brush and damp it. Run the brush over a green eyeshadow (your preference), but I like MAC eyeshadow in Shimmermoss which is a green with turquoise shade that looks breathtaking. Next, run the angled brush along your upper lash lines, extending just a little bit past your outer corners (see picture!).

Step 3:

Last but not least pick up a highly pigmented glittery green shade like Urban Decay’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in Stagedive and apply it on top of the green line you’ve already made. To complete your green look, go with a nude lipstick and finish off with a swipe of lipgloss.