The Perfect Makeup for Your Hair Color

You’ve probably noticed that not all makeup colors look good on you and that’s probably because the colors might not match your skin tone as well as your hair color. So take out your notepads and start taking notes! These pro makeup tips will ensure that you look your very best every single time. It’s as simple as following the color rules!

IF YOU’RE A BRUNETTErachel bilson

Brunettes know that it’s easy for their complexions to get lost and washed out since dark hair causes more contrast with their skin. Brunet absorbs a lot more light and so your skin might not get the chance to shine itself. To fix this problem, pick light-reflecting peaches and corals to brighten up your skin as well as give it a soft, warm, glow.


If you’re a blonde, you know that it can be hard to wear bright or dramatic colors. Anything bold seems that much harsher on a blonde and that’s why it’s important to work with what you have. Incorporate soft, muted colors into your makeup bag such as pale pinks, nudes, and burgundy’s. Avoid going overboard as you’ll just end up looking overdone. If you’re looking for an extra kick, line your upper lids with a sparkly black liner.


Redheads have a hard time picking out their colors simply because of the harsh contrast between their pale skin tone and the fiery red hair.But the same can go for those with dyed red hair too. The undertones in the hair and cosmetic colors absolutely need to match. Obviously the lighter you are, the softer the colors should be. If you have auburn highlights you should probably get rid of cool shades and go for warmer tones such as tawny, champagne and even gray.

  • Z

    What about if u have black hair???

  • black hair would go in the same category as brunettes

  • Ashlynn

    I have light brown/blondish hair with light skin. Would that fall under the blonde catagory?

  • Shae

    I have Brunette hair with blond natural highlights, and olive skin, what do i do?

  • Jen

    Hi, I am a blonde, but i’m thinking maybe to colour my hair red- brownish with a little orange in it ( all mixed into) But i have skin colour somewhere between ivory and beige and my eye is hazel. The most importantly of all is my face shape is square- i think maybe the classic one. So, any tips? Should i avoid the red colour or go for it?

  • Beth

    I have naturally mid brown hair and am quite pale, would i suit lindsey lohans red?

  • totally bullshit

  • Lori Dunbar

    Regarding blondes: I am tired of hearing about pink as a good color for pale/fair coloring. Some of us have very pale ivory complexions with warm undertones. Peaches and corals look best, Eyeliner in Espresso, Plum, olive and taupe enhance golden brown/olive/hazel eyes. teal or eyes toward neutral blues and sage may like charcoal. Save the black for night, especially in sunny climes and seasons. if your hair is light with chestnut low lights, (not ashy) peaches and corals will look natural.

  • i’m ginger with dark reds, browns &blonde in my hair and i’m really pale, i want to dye my hair, what colour?

  • Hannah

    I think deep red burgundy is a great hari color I dies my hair that color and I love it. Gets a lot of attention too. Of course I got tired of red and now I am dark brown which I love but makeup is a bitch I looked washed out a lot. I like black liner on the upper id I think that works for everybody and either play up the lips or the eyes never both. I wore bright red lipstick but with a think blakc line on the upper lid and mascara no blush or anything else would have been too much. I like that tips on fuller lips. I just need to find a cheaped lip exfoliator than Clarins. I love Clarins but it tiant cheap.