This season, get ready to shine, as some of the hottest nail colors are making their way right onto your nails! Bright, colorful, and cheerful, these colors represent all that is summer, and all that is fun. Go for anything that’s got a sheer hue to it, anything bright, but of course, nothing obnoxious. Natural, summer polish colors are all the rage. Soft pinks, oranges, purples, sheer whites, soft yellows, and shimmery browns. One of my favorite colors this summer would have to be the sea foam green and the turquoise, such as Azure for Sure- Torrid Turquoise from OPI Nail Lacquer. opi-turquoise.jpg Another color that you absolutely must have this season is the blushing pink hue of OPI’s Windy City Pretty, from their Chicago Nail Polish Collection. You can wear this nail color anywhere, and it’s got a beautiful sheer finish to it, so enjoy! opi-pink.jpg