The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Products’ Shelf Lives

By Aniela / May 15, 2015

This is the ultimate guide to beauty products' shelf lives! Yesterday we did the Ultimate Guide to Makeup Shelf Life & Expiration. Today, we're doing a guide for beauty products and toiletries. Everything from shampoos to nail polish. Over the shelf life? toss it out! If you keep using these expired products, not only can they harm your skin/hair/nails, but they also just don't work anymore!

So check out the guide below and make sure you keep an eye out on all your beauty products to see when they expire! I like to place a little white sticker on all my products and write down the date it was opened.

The Ultimate Guide to Beauty Products' Shelf Lives

Face Cream – 1 year

Moisturizer – 2 years

Eye Cream – 1 year

Acne Cream – 6 months

Face Wash – 1 year

Body Lotion – 2 years

Body Scrub – 2 years

Makeup Sponges – 6 months

Serum – 1 year

Hairspray – 3 Years

Shower Gel – 1 Year

Sunscreen – 1 Year

Shampoo/Conditioner – 3 Years

Perfume – 3 Years

Nail Polish – 2 Years

beauty products' shelf lives

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