DIY 3 Ingredient Lotion

By Aniela / December 21, 2018

Looking to start making your own beauty products? Look no further as we have hundreds of DIY beauty products, including this super easy to make DIY 3 ingredient lotion! Made with all natural ingredients, this DIY 3 ingredient lotion penetrates quickly into the skin, moisturizes dry, flaky skin, and smells unbelievable to boot!

This DIY lotion is great for those just beginning to learn how to make their own beauty products. It's a no-fuss, no-muss recipe that focuses on simple, easy to obtain ingredients. A cross between a thick and a light moisturizer, this lotion is great for both summer and winter and will hydrate even the driest of skin!

DIY 3 Ingredient Lotion Recipe

homemade coconut lotion

You'll Need:


  1. In a microwave safe bowl, melt the shea butter in 30 seconds increments until completely melted.
  2. Pour into a mixing bowl, and add in the coconut oil. The coconut oil should be in a solid or soft state, but not melted!
  3. Use a hand mixer or a stand mixture to whip the two oils together until stiff peaks form. This will usually take several minutes.
  4. Add in your essential oils and mix once more.
  5. Scoop your new DIY 3 ingredient lotion into a clean, airtight jar or container.
  6. Use as often as needed!

As always, before using this lotion, make sure to test a small patch on your skin! This lotion smells absolutely amazing, and you'll quickly get addicted to putting it on!

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DIY 3 Ingredient Lotion
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5 years ago

What if I don’t have the semisolid coconut oil? Can I use the liquid coconut oil? Pls reply