Moisturizing Secret

By Aniela M / February 14, 2007

Moisturizing your skin is one of the most important things. Dry skin can become itchy, and flaky all at the same time. Especially during the winter, it's important that your skin stays hydrated all day.

One of the best spa secrets around is to lock in the moisture as fast as possible. If you don't apply your moisturizer in this recommended time, your skin won't stay hydrated during the day.

To extend the life span of your glow, intense moisturizing is important. Coat your entire body three to five minutes after getting out of the shower or bath.

If you don't, the moisture will evaporate from your skin and your cream won't seal it in. When slathering on your cream, make sure you move your hands in circles towards the heart- which boosts your blood flow.

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13 years ago

thanks for the advice!!!! 🙂

12 years ago

sounds cool I got this lotions that are so cool one is for when your skin is dry and one is for when ur face is to hydrated it’s pretty cool