Ultimate Face Mask

Ultimate Face Mask

By Aniela M / February 21, 2007

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Once a week, it's important that your skin gets the much needed TLC it deserves. That means a good, old fashioned face mask. Your skin needs this mask because it needs to get rid of dead skin cells.

Not only that, but a good face mask is necessary to clean out your pores, get rid of any dirt, and moisturize your skin. Max out your at home spa by applying your face mask, and following with a moisturizing toner and a moisturizing cream.

Don't spend a lot of dough of expensive face treatments, and products, but rather make your own. But the secret to home mad face masks, is very well preserved and not a lot of people know about it.

Whatever your face mask is made out of, don't forget that you can always warm it up.This will make your face mask 100 times better. Before applying the mask to your face, use a blow dryer to warm it up a bit.

Not only will it feel absolutely fabulous, but it will cleanse your face like no tomorrow, and relax all of your muscles. Try this trick and you'll never go back to cold, regular face masks!

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