12 Clothing Hacks Every Girl Should Know

By Aniela / January 3, 2017

These 12 clothing hacks are something that every girl should know and here's why! It can help you save a ton of money, time, and energy! Don't be so quick to throw away a stained shirt, or a bleach pair of pants – there are many ways to salvage many things that you never even thought about!

12 Clothing Hacks

#1. Club Soda Will Fix Wine Stains in a Pinch!


If you happened to spill wine on your clothes, fret not! Grab some club soda, pour it directly onto the stain and start rubbing with a paper towel. The club soda will immediately remove the wine stain as well as many other stains too! Just make sure you do this right after the spillage otherwise it won't really work!

#2. Sharpies Can Cover Bleach Stains


Did you accidentally throw in your favorite black pants with your whites? Not to worry, because a black sharpie can help cover up those unsightly bleach stains. Just take a black sharpie and color over the bleach stains. After a while, you may have to re-color the stains but hey – at least you solved a problem in a cheap and fast way!

#3. Wrap the Waistband of Pants Around Your Neck to See if They Fit


There's nothing more annoying than trying on pants at the store, but with this trick you may never have to! Simply wrap the waistband of a pair of pants around your neck to see if they fit. If the ends don't meet each other behind the neck, you probably need a size up!

#4. Save Ripped Jeans


Don't be so quick to throw out a pair of ripped jeans because you can completely transform them in a pinch! Wear patterned or lace design tights underneath OR sew a patterned fabric of your choice right underneath the rip for a cool, new look!

#5. Lemons For Pit Stains


Lemons aren't just for your alcoholic beverages: they also remove pit stains! Juice a lemon and apply the juice directly to the stained area. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes and throw the item in the wash. Once it comes out, it'll be as good as new!

#6. Baby Wipes For Deodorant Stains


Baby wipes aren't just for babies or removing makeup! Take a baby wipe and swipe on any areas where you may have gotten some deodorant stains. It will remove itself like magic!

#7. Never Loose a Button Again


Feel like buttons keep running out on you? Paint buttons with clear nail polish so they stay put and you won't ever have a missing button again! True story!

#8. Hairspray For Lipstick Stains


Got lipstick on something? Spray it immediately with hairspray and leave for 2-3 minutes. Then, gently dab and throw in the wash. The lipstick stain will come right off!

#9. Remove Stains From Leather


Save your favorite leather shoes or jacket from the trash by washing the leather with warm water and soap and drying. Then, spray your leather item with vinegar. Rub with a dry cloth, rub in hair conditioner, and spray with a waterproof mixture. Your leather boots, jacket, or whatever you have will be like new!

#10. Use a Razor To Get Rid of Fuzzies


You know those fuzzies that constantly appear on your favorite t-shirt, pants, and pretty much everything else? All you need to do is take a razor and run it over the fuzzy-affected area! Use a lint roller to pick up any leftovers! Easy peasy!

#11. Stop Pants From Fraying


This diagram shows you how to properly roll your pants to stop them from fraying. So stop throwing away perfectly good pants and start rolling!

#12. Use a Straightening Iron For Shirt Collars


Instead of pulling our your iron, use a straightening iron for your shirt collars or for anything else! If it's gentle enough on your hair, it will definitely be gentle enough on your clothes!

Images Source: Providr

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