2009 Fall Shoe Trends

By Aniela / September 22, 2009

Let's take a look at the 209 fall shoe trends! This season, we've seen some of the hottest shoe and boot trends on the runways ranging from crocodile skin styles to sky-high stilettos and chunky heels. But whether you're looking to buy designer shoes or something a little bit cheaper, there is definitely something for everyone this season. Keep reading to find out this season's hottest shoe trends!

2009 Fall Shoe Trends


black platform stiletto

Stilettos could never disappear from fashion as there really is nothing sexier. But this season, there's a little twist. Designers have been adding a little platform at the front making the stiletto even higher than before. Although probably not that comfortable, these styles of stiletto are super sexy and edgy.

Chunky Heels

Whether you love em or hate em, chunky heels are a big hit this season as seen on many runways this past year. Although they don't look quite as sexy as the thin heeled stilettos, they're much easier to walk in and 10 times more comfy too!

Tapered Heels

Tapered Heels

Tapered heels are a slightly different version of chunky heels (kind of a mix in between chunky and stiletto if you will) where the heel starts off thick at the top and slims down towards the bottom. Sure, they look a little out of the norm, but they're very stylish, modern, and go with almost anything.

Squared Toes

Squared-Toed Shoes

I can't say I'm a big fan of the squared off toes, but they're very in this season. But don't worry, this season's squared toes aren't like the ones back in the day…these have a tapered-in toe with a short blunt nose rather than a full-squared toe.

Over The Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots

Last year we saw a big up-rise in over-the-knee boots but in flat styles. This season, you'll see them again but they'll be high heeled and made with suede as the material of choice.

Laced Up

Laced up shoes and boots

Oxfords, laced-up boots, laced-up heels – whatever! It's all green light for shoes that lace up this season so stock up on some of your favorite styles!

Mary Janes

Mary Janes with a Twist

Mary Janes are back this season, but this time with a twist! You'll see lots of double or even triple buckles with tons of details, different colors, luxe fabrics sharp pointed toes.

Reptile Fabrics

Reptile Leathers

Reptile skins are a huge hit this season and you'll see everything from snake to alligator to lizard, etc. If you can't afford to buy the real leathers (which, let's get real, most of us probably aren't), just make sure you get a good quality faux reptile fabric.

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cli ann
14 years ago

i like pump shoes..wearing it looks sexy and fit