2010: A New Year a New You!

By Aniela / January 17, 2010

A new year a new you! Happy New Year to everyone!!! I'm sorry I haven't posted in some time, but I was away on vacation for the holidays where I didn't really have internet access and I just recently came back. With that said, it is a new year, and that means lots of new resolutions…some which we will keep, and some which we won't. But whatever your resolutions, you can always make the best of the new year starting with your wardrobe! Here's what celebrity stylists are predicting for 2010, and what they think you should throw out. In the end though, it's your decision!

New Year a New You!

In: Feminine and Edgy

Feminine Dress Paired With Motorcycle Jacket

You probably have a cute motorcycle jacket laying around, so why not make good use of it by pairing it with a cute floral dress? Add a pair of boots, and the two contrasting styles will make you look very edgy but soft and feminine at the same time!

In: Natural Hair


Stop fighting your hair's natural texture and instead embrace it. Girls with wavy/curly hair should keep it that way instead of straightening it. Not only will your hair look healthier, but you'll also break away from the poker-straight hair norm…which is a good thing!

Out: Super Tanned Skin

Super Tanned Skin: Snookie

Obviously if you're naturally dark skinned, that's great! But, if you're white and keep applying the tanning creams and bronzers a la Snookie from Jersey Shore, you're going overboard. Keep your look simple, natural, and subtle. Too much tanning is never a good thing.

Out: The Pixie Cut

pixie cut

The pixie hair cut was very popular last year, but this year, let your hair grow out a little bit longer. There is nothing wrong with short hair, but just make sure it's the right cut for you and that it's easy to maintain.

In: Shorts and Wearable Fabrics


Last year we saw an upheaval of tight, constricting clothes. This year we turn things around by incorporating softer, more breathable fits and fabrics. Store away those pencil skirts and opt for something flowy. Shorts are also going to be big this year, so make sure you pick up a couple of pairs!

In: White

White Outfits

Although white may not always be practical since it can get dirty really fast, try to steer away from black, and try something new. Pick up a hot pair of white pants or a crisp white jacket. You'd be surprised at how much white can brighten up your complexion.

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