7 Slimming Looks

By Aniela / March 29, 2010

As the summer approaches, we seem to be wearing less and less clothes and that means one thing: body consciousness! All those months of scarfing down delicious Holiday food has made us all a little bloated and unhappy with ourselves, but thankfully, you don't have to hide under baggy clothes to feel good about yourself. Of course I encourage everyone to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis, but also to pick the right clothing for their body types. So here are 7 slimming looks for your every problem area.

If You Have Wide Hips

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hips: they're feminine, sexy, and everyone has them! But if you're a little self conscious, I suggest you go for a pair of fitted flare leg jeans. These type of denim balances by creating a triangle with your hips as the high point.

If You're Short

If you want to add a little height, straight-leg boyfriend jeans do just that. They create the allusion of a longer, slimmer leg, especially when paired with a pair of sexy heels or wedges.

If You Have a Tummy Bulge

And who doesn't, right? Pick tops that are a little looser at the front and that drape off your shoulders. This will hide your tummy perfectly. Also, ruffled tops are perfect since they draw attention to the neckline and away from the mid-section.

If You Don't Have a Waist

If your waist needs a little nip, there's nothing better than a wide belt to fix that. Wear it on your waist over a flowy summer dress to add structure and a tiny waist.

If You Want to Emphasize Your Bust

Strappy maxi dresses are the perfect type of dresses to enhance your bust, but they also add a very nice slimming effect overall. Choose a maxi dress with sequins around the bust area to draw attention upwards.

If You Want to Look Slimmer

If you want to make the appearance of an overall slimmer look, V-stripped patterns are perfect for that, like the skirt in the above picture. They draw the attention down towards the body, making you appear slimmer and taller too!

If You're Heavier on Top

Don't be afraid to wear blazers…they can actually make you look 10 pounds lighter! Throw a fitted blazer over a pair of boyfriend jeans and see the difference a structured jacket can make!

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13 years ago

As i think yu can tell, i absolutely love this website! aneila (sorry if i misspelled ur name) ura genious with these tips lol nd yu’v answered all my questions fabulously! thnx for ur help nd may i jux say this site is totally worth mentioning to anyone about anything

fashion tredner
13 years ago


Me and my cuz are fashion trend setters and beacuse of this i bought a maxi dress they are SUPER comfertable i loove this website and thease tips xxxxx

13 years ago

hey umm iv got wide hips with small boobs nd it looks weird please i need help