BabyDoll Dresses

BabyDoll Dresses

By Jackie / March 13, 2007

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Dresses will be the hottest fashion item this summer. They look great on everyone, and let's face it; they're completely adorable! We need to shed our jeans, and put on something sexier, more feminine. Babydoll dresses are the next big thing!

Babydoll dresses are short and cute. They can be paired up with wedges, flats, small heels, or platform sandals. Since the seam is usually at the bust, it also defines your bust line, and pumps up your twins a little! They're so much fun to wear because they're not too sexy, but they're not simple either. Babydoll dresses are to be worn during the day, but if you can find an evening babydoll, even better!

They're also great because they elongate your legs. The dress has a very straight cut so it doesn't stick to your body. Pick a babydoll that has little accents such as a bow at the bust line, and maybe something with two different patterns or colors (top and bottom–see picture). Floral babydolls are also cute, but just make sure you keep the rest of you nice and simple.

Add an oversized bag to your outfit and you're all set to go!babydoll dressbabydoll dress

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I’ve personally like the babydoll dress thing. I don’t know what it is but to me it says: ‘Hey I’m fun!’ Well the expression on the first image doesn’t really say that but most people I’ve seen wearing this type of dress, they just look like they like to have fun. If that makes any sense!

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