I must say I am a fan of Rachel Bilson’s just because her style is just fabulous. She always knows how to dress (although there are a few occasional slip ups) and she can pull off almost anything. She’s super cute, and what’s best is that she always smiles! Anyways, I found a picture of her and thought I’d review it because I absolutely loved this look she pulled off.rachel-bilson2.jpg

In this picture we see Rachel wearing a little black dress. It cris crosses as a halter at the top, which really accentuate her shoulders and arms. The above the knee length of the dress along with the frilly bottom has a very feminine touch to it and looks perfect to be worn both at night and during the day.

I have to talk about her pumps. They are so simple, but at the same time so elegant, and they go perfectly with her outfit. They give her a great pair of long, slim legs, and make her look fabulous!

The bag is just magic: without it, the outfit would have completely flunked. Because her dress and her shoes are both black, the purple bag with all of the details including gold chains and black lining, make this outfit to die for.