Christina Aguilera Likes to Reveal Herself

By Aniela / June 26, 2007

While in China for a press conference, pop star Christina Aguilera revealed herself to the public with this 50's style inspired dress and lots and lots of cleavage. Although I'm sure none of her male fans objected to this look, I do think it might have been a bit too much.

The diva's 50's style dress is absolutely gorgeous, I must admit to that. The vertical striped outfit complements her as it makes her look leaner, and the voluminous sleeves give her great arms.

The shoes are also perfect for the outfit- simple black strap pumps. As for her hair- well I was never a fan of the bleach blond hair, but it suits her. christina-aguilera.jpg

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16 years ago

The dress is nice, however it unfortunately draws all the attention to her (fake?)boobs and the overall looks ends up tarty, in my opinion. Nothing wrong with showing cleavage if you have it, go for it but there is a lot more than cleavage there. I think even a guy can spot those boys aren’t real. What happened to leaving people guessing just a little?

15 years ago

the dress would be great if she didn’t have plastic surgery