Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends

By Aniela M / September 26, 2007

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This season we are seeing a lot of new trends making their way into our closets, but we also see some of the older trends sticking around. So what's hot this fall?

cropped jacketCropped jackets are very popular this season. Wear them with jeans or dress down an outfit with a heavier material jacket.

Bold colors scream confidence and that's what it's all about this season. Although darker colors are also in this fall, bold colors should not be ignored!

metallic shoeMetallics are a shoe-in. They've been around all summer and thankfully, they are still gracing us with their presence. Everything from shoes, to bags, accessories, and clothing.

hatFeminine accessories are also hot this season. Feminine hats and accessories are all the rage, so make sure you add your feminine touch too!

ankle bootsLast but not least, we have the inevitable ankle boot. These babies are hot and you can pair them with almost anything. Make sure you get your hands on a pair soon!

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