Fashion week has sprung upon us in New York displaying some of the hottest and newest trends to come this year in spring. This summer it will be all about bermuda shorts and boxers. The 80s style continues to inspire designers, with jumpsuits, fitted denim overalls and hot zipped jackets.

Bustier gowns and short shirt dresses will be very hot this summer, along with pleated skirts.This season, solids, not prints, have graced the runways.There was color everywhere ranging from yellow to hot pink.Also in New York this week, African-inspired tops and shorts, along with fashions in neutral colors such as cream, beige and gray.

Some spectacular pieces arrived on the runways including multi-layered dresses flared tops,and biker jackets. Weather you like these styles or not, they’re just a glimpse as to what will arrive on the shelves this summer, so be week