Hottest Summer Items

Hottest Summer Items

By Aniela M / April 6, 2007

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This summer, there are some items that you simply have to have. No, they're not expensive, and you can find them anywhere, but make sure they make their way directly to your closet!

Let's start off with the leggings. Everyone must have a pair of leggings! Why, you ask? Because they're extremely versatile. They add such a kick to your outfit, and can be worn with so many different things starting from skirts, to long tees, boots, flats, etc. So make sure this item is in your closet this summer!

Another must-have for this summer are a pair of pee-toe pumps. They are absolutely elegant and classy wherever you take them, and whatever you wear them with. They will work with the leggings as well, but the peep-toes look great with everything from jeans, to miniskirts, to actual summer dresses, so there is no going wrong here!peep-toe pumps

You must have a babydoll dress this summer. It's one of the hottest items on the runway, and trust me, you will look absolutely adorable in a babydoll, which can be worn with almost any types of shoes (except bulky ones).babydoll dress

Bangles are another item you simply must have this season because they add so much to your outfit and you can wear them pretty much all the time. They come in so many different colors, and they are absolutely adorable!bangles

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what’s up? hey those winter need to haves are soooo out of style. everyone knows that. well not everyone i guess.