How to Wear Bright Colors

By Aniela / June 8, 2007

When picking out an outfit, it is always very important to remember that the colors need to coordinate with each other. You don't always need to match up the colors, but as long as they don't clash with each other, you can wear bright colors very easily.

Remember never to wear a bright red with green- you'll end up looking like a Christmas tree! Colors such as pink and blue go together well, as well as yellow. Black and purple go well as well as pink and purple and blue and purple.

Although these colors go together well you also have to know how to wear them. A pair of pink pants with a purple top might look nice depending on the hue of the colors. If it's a bright purple, and a bright blue, it will look too dramatic. Instead, pair up a bright blue with a soft purple, or the other way around.

Don't try too wear too many bright colors at once. It can be overpowering to the eye. If you're going to wear yellow pants, go for a white top, it will look best. Soft, pink colors go with almost any color except for red and certain shades of green.

So have fun with bright colors, and don't be afraid to wear them because they can really light up your look.

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17 years ago

I’ll remind myself IF I decide to wear pink pants…though I don’t know how humans around me might react to that…hehehehe!

16 years ago

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16 years ago

These tips rock!

15 years ago

I love bright colors like neon green or neon pink

14 years ago

i just got a big bright red bag. if I paired it with some jeans, black heels, a blue and white tank and a black cardigan would it clash?