Call them tights, call them leggings, call them whatever you want, they’re here and they’re hot! They’ve been around since last summer, and they’re an 80s fashion trend that has picked up in our era. Weather you hate or love them though, that is another question.

There are some exceptions when it comes to wearing leggings or tights: they’re very tight, therefore, if you’re a little heavier, they will not look good on you, they will only accentuate your weight. Another thing: leggings and tights look good when paired with lots of accessories, and they shouldn’t be worn just by themselves.

Wear tights/leggings with shorts over them, and a hot pair of peep toe pumps. You can also wear them with short skirts and a pair of boots. Add some hot accessories to your outfit like bangles, head bands, etc.

The hottest leggings right now are the capris leggings. They’re great for the summer, and they look great with stilettos or pumps. Most of them come with a little bit of lace detail at the ankle. You can choose from different styles and patterns. There are animal print leggings and tights, floral prints, but I suggest you stick to one color as it might look a little too 80s.