Jessica Biel’s Got Style

By Aniela / July 20, 2007

Jessica Biel has been around the spotlight numerous times lately, and her career has been launching fast. She was first discovered on the hit t.v series “7th Heaven”, which lasted a very long time. Now that Jessica's all grown up, she looks better, and she dresses better as well.

In this picture, she is wearing a very simple and casual outfit, which is something rare with celebrities. I mean you see a lot of celebrities wearing trashy casual outfits, but I actually love Jessica's outfit here.

The white wide-leg pants, which are actually jeans (I know, you can barely tell!), gives her a very curvy look, and makes her legs look longer as well.

The tank-top she is wearing is again pretty simple but it goes perfectly with the pants and it shows off her killer arms. Jessical Biel

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15 years ago

wow thats some pretty awsome jeans