Lace Skirts

Lace Skirts

By Aniela M / April 6, 2007

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Show off your legs this summer with the cutest and most feminine skirts-lace skirts! That's right, lacy skirts are back and they're better than ever. The beautiful floral accents work well with anyone, and add a little flare to your outfit. Because these skirts are so feminine though, you have to be careful how you wear them and when.

First up: remember to wear only one piece of lace at a time. So if you have a lace skirt, make sure the top isn't lace, but rather something simple so that it doesn't clash with the skirt.

Lacy skirts will also look great in almost any shoes, but preferably with little heels and wedges because they have such a natural feel about them.

Also remember not to don yourself with lots of jewelery when wearing a lace skirt because like I said, it's such a sweet, feminine item that it will completely ruin the look.

Lace skirts come in all sorts of sizes and colors, but remember to pick one that suits your silhouette. The best lace skirts are the ones that hit right around the knee area because they look very chic and classy. You can wear them pretty much anywhere, and they will look great.lace skirt

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