Seen here attending Britney’s concert at the House of Blues, Lindsay Lohan decided to go with something different and wear a classy Audrey Hepburn dress and shoes to match. Lindsay, who is usually seen in “younger” styles, and skin-showing attire, is trying to pull off a reserved, classy look. But for a concert?

In my opinion, this dress doesn’t seem to be worn the right way…and is on the wrong person. Lindsay does not look comfortable in that dress, and she completely lacks the posture for it. In plain words, she looks awkward in such a dress.

The off-white colored dress looks to be made of a soft material, with pockets on both sides, a high collar, sleeveless, and ending right at the knee. Now if you ask me, this sort of dress is a little too formal, and too mature for her. Anything ending at the knee, does not compliment the legs, because it makes you look shorter.

Although her black shoes help with the height, the dress still looks very awkward on her, not to mention the fact that her hands are the in the pockets (which shouldn’t really be used) and her huge sunglasses. Maybe she should have spend a little more time on her hair at least. lindsay-lohan2.jpg