It’s time to bear your legs and show them off to the world! The sexiest summer skirts are making their way right into your closet and you absolutely have to try these very sexy, yet elegant, and reserved skirts.

First up we have the boho skirt or the peasant skirt- whatever you wanna call them! If you remember correctly, these skirts were in last summer as well but they have managed to make a comeback just because they are so comfortable, and so sexy at the same time.

You can wear them with a pair of cork wedges or flats, either way boho skirts look absolutely amazing.

Side swept skirts are also in this summer. They bring out your sexy legs when you wear them with a pair of stilettos.

And of course, jean skirts are still in-as they always will be. The great thing about jean skirts is that you can wear them with absolutely anything from running shoes, to sandals, flats, and high heels. boho-skirts.jpg