The Maxi Dress- A Summer Staple

By Aniela / May 13, 2011

The maxi dress is making a big comeback this summer, and it's clear since even celebs seem to be loving this flowy, girly trend. Maxi dresses were a big hit two seasons ago, and now they're making a comeback like never before.

The Maxi Dress- A Summer Staple

Pippa Middleton looking fierce in a maxi dress.

So how do you wear a maxi and when is an appropriate time to pull one off? Take a cue from the stars who are seen wearing them mostly during the day.

Angie Harmon on the red carpet in a maxi dress.

Maxi dresses are the perfect summer staple since they're light, flowy, and best of all long (so you can skip shaving your legs that day!).

I love these dresses because they're so versatile. You can pair them with wedges, sandals, or flip-flops and they'll still make a big statement. And since they're so popular this season, you'll have no problem finding one…or two.

When choosing a dress, opt for a colorful, printed pattern as well as an empire waist style to cinch you in for a slimmer effect.

So whether you go for a plunging neckline maxi, a strapless one, or a super frilly ruffled maxi dress, the choice is all yours. Take a cue from these celebs and get inspired with your own style!

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12 years ago

Yes, maxi dresses are definitely in.

12 years ago

I like maxi dresses but I don’t know if I should buy one because I’m a very tall person. Does maxi dresses make tall women look even taller ?!?! I don’t want to look like a freak because I find myself already too tall. What should I do ?

11 years ago

I think maxi dresses are especially pretty on tall women. I am tall and have always gotten lots of compliments when I wear them

11 years ago

i like i like peeps keep up the good work