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Here are the top 10 must-have items for this season! Every season, there are a handful of items that you absolutely must have! Last year we went gaga for leggings, florals and feminine dresses, and this year there is a slew of must-have items and products that will make you sing with joy and give your wardrobe and beauty cabinet a whole new look for the fall. This season, think about what catches YOUR eye, and what YOU like, rather than what you see, and try fabricating your own “must-have” list for the fall. Let me know if you come up with anything good!

Top 10  Must-Have Items for This Season

1. A SEXY PAIR OF STILETTOSpurple patent stilettos

You can’t start out the fall any hotter than whit a sexy pair of patent leather stilettos in dark purple, blue, black, and brown!

2. LEG WARMERScelebrity leg warmers

Leg warmers are not only amazing for well…warming your legs, but they look so cute with jeans or a skirt, you’ll wanna get some in 10 different colors! And they do come in so many colors and styles, you won’t know which to choose from. A must-have for the fall!

3. A FEMININE RUFFLED TOPfeminine ruffled top

There is nothing sexier than a semisheer, ruffled top. Get a sleevless one and wear it both ways. Put a suit jacket over it at work, and take it off at night!

4. PURPLE NAIL POLISHpurple nail polish

Either way you look at it, purple is everywhere now so you might as well take advantage of it by putting on a cute purple nail polish on both nails and toe nails. You’ll be glad you did!

5. A SWEATER DRESSsweater dresses

There is nothing more comfortable to wear during the day and even at night than a sweater dress paired with tights and boots. And sexy too!

6. A CUTE CARDIGANgrey cardigan

A versatile cardigan will go a long way, so pick a neutral color such a black or grey to be able to incorporate it easly into your wardrobe.

7. WIDE-LEG PANTSwide-leg pants

There is nothing that makes you feel more in power and elegant than a pair of wide-leg pants. So if you have to dress up at work, why not try them? They’re great at elongating legs!

8. PINK BY MARIAH CAREYmariah carey pink

Mariah Carey’s new fragrance Pink has hit the shelves and it looks like it’s going to be a hit! This fun, flirty and feminine scent is perfect for night or day!

9. A FRINGE SCARFfringe scarf

Every girl has to have a scarf in her closet, and if you don’t go out and get one now! A fringe scarf can be used so many different ways and is great for sprucing up a boring outfit or just for adding a little decor.

10. A RED TOTEred tote bag

There is nothing more festive than the color red, so why not get in the mood with a red tote? It’s the perfect transition from summer to fall and you’ll be able to carry it all year round. Best of all, it’ll add a little swagger to any outfit!

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