What’s In and What’s Out This Fall

By Aniela / October 8, 2009

What's in and what's out this fall? So many styles to choose from, so little knowledge of what to actually wear. Granted, I always say that it's best you wear whatever you love and whatever you feel most comfortable in, but we always need a little guidance nevertheless, especially since there's so much out there! So here's what designers and celebrities are liking and not liking this fall.

What's In and What's Out This Fall

In: A Long Coat

What's In and What's Out This Fall

Because let's face it, it keeps you warmer than a short jacket! But long coats are great because they look good with anything, and there are tons of styles to choose from. I always like to wear my long coat with a scarf that I can change every day.

In: Pink

Pink Dress

Although I find the color pink to be arriving a little late into the year, I still think it'll be a good pick-me-up from the usual blacks and browns we see throughout the cold seasons.

In: Dare to be Daring

Dare to be Daring

So this season it's all about being daring and creative. Remember, things don't have to match anymore, so try to stay away from that…even though it can be very hard! Try an ensemble that you would never even think of trying and see where it goes.But, maybe, just don't go as far as the model in the picture. Never copy a runway look down to a tee…it's strictly reserved for the runway and not the streets(of course there are a few exceptions).

In: Juxtaposition


“Fall brings a juxtaposition,” says Geren Lockhart, the creative mastermind behind Geren Ford. “[You’ll see] hardware against delicate silks and tough-washed cottons and denim, and pleats and gathers shown with leather and vintage-washed fabrics.” “Silhouettes will be simple, yet constructed with hand-finishing, like painting and paillettes,” the designer adds.

Out: Bubble Skirts

Bubble Skirt

No one really enjoyed those bubble skirts…they just made you look wider in reality. This season, expect to see a lot straighter skirts such as pencil skirts, and with the volume emphasis on top rather than on the bottom.

Out: Harem Pants

harem pants

Thank God for that, harem pants are a thing of the past…for now at least. Instead, opt for pants that flatter your figure instead of hindering it. Go for skinny jeans or boot-leg.

In: 80s Biker Chick

biker chick

You may or you may not like this, but the 80s music-video look is back, and it's all about leather skirts,  short leather jackets and tees with square,cubes, lines, and plaid are in. Don't be afraid to experiment with this look, but just make sure you stick to 1 or 2 items from this era. It's supposed to be modern 80s, not flashback 80s.

In: Shoulders

One Shoulder Dress

This fall, you'll see a lot of bare shoulders and that's because a lot of styles will have off-the-shoulder  or one-shoulder looks. Go for a one-shoulder dress that you can wear anywhere at night…you might have to keep your shoulders covered at work!

In: Thigh High Boots

christian louboutin thigh high boots

I'm a huge fan of thigh-high boots, but as I've mentioned in a previous post, they're super hard to find unless you're willing to spend over a grand. Still looking…

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Erica D
13 years ago

Sorry, but I have to disagree (respectfully) with this post. The styles that you listed as being “out”, I don’t see ever going out of style really on street style fashion. Not only that, but fashion is what you make of it. I still wear the bubble skirts and I receive compliment after compliment. So, in my own experience, certain styles – if done correctly – will never truely go out of style. That’s why it’s style, it’s your own personal expression. And that, I think, is what you should be promoting and not telling people to follow trends. They… Read more »