Worst Trend: Masculine for Women

By Aniela / October 14, 2009

Could this possibly be the worst trend ever? So I was browsing through some magazines and sites, and found that menswear for women is in…a style which we've also seen make headways a few years ago. But I'm not sure it's a trend I'd like to try…whatsoever.

Worst Trend: Masculine for Women


I mean some of the pieces they show are a little too masculine and why in the world would anyone want to wear their boyfriend's blazer? Sounds to me like designers are running out of ideas. Sure, a vest is fine…and maybe a tie with a conservative/sexy ensemble still works, but wing-tip shoes and boyish pants? Not a chance. I'm a girly girl, I like to wear feminine clothes, so this particular trend does not apply to me.

But, if you really like the look, don't be afraid to pull it off…it just might work for you. The trick is to incorporate masculine accessories into a feminine outfit, or if you're bold enough, go all out with the boys look!

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baby c
14 years ago

i’d like to comment bout masculine for women…to me,certain women who wears like a men just pull it off and look good…it’a not the worst trend,it wouldn’t be if you know what suits you and be careful not to become too masculine cause you’re a girl..jessica alba likes that kind of fashion too..but she still looks feminine and fabolous…as a matter of fact,i like men’s like fashion too..i like the tomboyish look because i’m not that girlish but i know i’m a girl..

12 years ago

I hate feminine for women and the women that wear it. Women like you put the concept of a free equal world so far in the future that its out of site. Why should women not have a choice, are you scared they will take less time to get dressed and turn out better then the one in the 4 inch heals walking like a duck.

12 years ago

And in my opinion the reason why most people carnt pull it off is because they dont go far enougth, and instead clutter up with make up and womens hair style. If you gonna do masculine do it to the full as thats what its about.

2 years ago

Good that this was written more than a decade ago. It is ridiculous.