Deep Hair Conditioning at Home

By Aniela / March 16, 2010

Today we'll show you how to do deep hair conditioning at home. If you've ever dyed your hair at home you know that you get that deep conditioner that leaves your hair super soft and manageable. Unfortunately, you can't buy just the deep conditioner alone, so you end up spending tons of money of conditioners that claim to do the same thing.

Deep Hair Conditioning at Home

Well after spending money on those said conditioners, I wasn't really satisfied. I didn't really find a difference between my regular conditioner and the so-called “deep” conditioner. So just a few months ago a friend of mine gave me a great beauty tip that she uses at least once a week, which leaves her hair feeling soft, manageable, and does the same thing a deep conditioner would do!

So here's what you do! After you've washed your hair, apply your regular conditioner, making sure to run your fingers through your hair as you apply it…just stay away from the roots as that can weigh your hair down. Put a shower cap on, and start blow drying your hair for about a minute or two. Make sure your blow dryer's settings is at low and not at high as you don't want too much heat on there. So that's all there is to it!

Rinse out the conditioner, and style as usual. I promise you this will leave your hair feeling silky smooth! The reason this works is because when you apply heat to the conditioned hair, your strands lock in that moisturizing factor and it's just like going to the salon. Pretty easy no? Do you guys have any great tips you use on your hair that you'd like to share? If so, please let me know in the comments below!

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14 years ago

Thanks, I think i’ll start trying this weekly,(:

13 years ago

hey, im a hairdresser and the tips we give clients about “deep” conditioner is… 1. buy a good brand from the hairdressers! this is soooo important. cheap brands, even pantene pro v, contain silicon product which coats the hair shaft, making it feel soft but when we it will feel slimey.. 2. try looking for a hair “mask” more than conditioners because the double as a treatment.. 3. and lastly leave the treatment on towel dryed, post washed hair for 3-5 mins for a normal treatment but for an intense one put a shower cap on and sleep with it… Read more »

13 years ago

wont blowdrying danage it in the long term ?

soft hair
13 years ago

The Shielo Volume Bounce Creme is something my friend with fab hair recommended – and I am totally impressed! It says to apply to damp towel dried hair or whenever you need to throughout the day and I do just that….it never leaves my hair feeling greasy just SOFT, SOFT, SOFT, which I love 🙂 It is perfect to use right before a blow dry or even when you use a hair straightener. It helps tame those unruly flyaways and brings moisture to your dry ends. It has Milk Proteins in it, leaving your hair soft, shiny and totally put… Read more »

Amber Bland
4 years ago
Reply to  soft hair

Unfortunately, it also contains damaging chemicals. I won’t use things with silicons, parabins… etc.

13 years ago

thanks so much i have tried and tried to get my hair soft and my conditioner never worked now my hair feels perfect

12 years ago

Whose the model in the photo?