We all know how much fun it is to dye our hair once in a while because it changes our whole look, and also makes us feel a little better. But rather than swear off dye, there are a few things you can do to dye your hair the safe way. Follow these tips on how to get a pro dye, without all the harshness of killing your strands.

Before you start changing your color, start deep conditioning your hair about once a week. Also, start a routine where after every wash, leave a creamy conditioner in for about 5 minutes.

When you start coloring your hair at home, replace half the activator with a liquid leave-in spray conditioner. Although the color won’t turn out as intense, it will leave your hair extremely soft, and you’ll be thankful for the less damage that will be caused.

If you’ve already died your hair, don’t go for highlights on top of that; it will completely fry your hair. Also, use formulas that are low in harsh peroxides and high is moisturizers. Use L’Oreal ColorSpa Moisture Actif Color for better results. L’Oreal ColorSpa Moisture Actif Color