Who says you can’t get beautiful, glamorous hair in just seconds? Well now you can get glamorous hair all by yourself with the cutest hair accessories that will completely amp up your evening outfit. These aren’t your usual plastic hair accessories, but rather beautiful sparkling jewels that you can wear in your hair!

One of my favorite accessories for the hair are the hair sticks. You can get them pretty much anywhere and they come in beautiful colors, and of course they’re adorned with jewels (not real ones of course). These pretty little sticks ad so much beauty and glam to your hair that all eyes will be on you.hair stick

Get back to the old days with some classic Hollywood glamor by sporting a hair comb. These traditional, yet still very classy and sexy hair accessories make it easy to achieve an amazing vintage look. Get one with some sparkling accents which will add so much to your ensemble. Not only do the look fabulous, they also keep your hair tightly in place.hair comb

I absolutely love this next item although it used to be just for athletes and teenagers, it has now become a Hollywood trend to keep up with. Beautiful, jeweled ponytail holders are great for wearing over buns or chignons and they come studded with little jewels to make your hair extra sparkly! Ponytail holder