Hairstyles for all Face Shapes

Hairstyles for all Face Shapes

By Aniela M / December 14, 2007

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Getting the perfect haircut can be hard to do, especially if you don't know what will suit your face shape. Well here's a little guideline as to what you can expect with each haircut! Hairstyles for all face shapes…no more excuses!

Hairstyles For All Face Shapes

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Long or Oval Faces

blonde bob

If your face is long or oval, try an angular bob that's closely cropped to the nape of the neck and traces the jaw line in the front.Women with oval faces should avoid pixies that add layers to the top of the hair, as the excess volume will only elongate the face further.To style, apply a light hold gel to towel dried hair and blow dry using a round brush so hair falls nicely under the chin.

Square Face

gwyneth paltrow 2008

If your face is square, go short and spiky, like the style Michelle Williams is sporting.A pixie cut is great for women with square faces because it brings out the eyes and cheekbones, making the face look softer and more feminine.Women with square faces should avoid a chin length bob though, as it will only accentuate the jaw line, making it look more prominent. To style, blow dry hair and use a water-based pomade or wax to manipulate each section.

Round or Heart Shaped Faces

round shape face

If your face is round or heart shaped, try a neck-skimming cut with long layers and side swept bangs, like Elisha Cuthbert. Long layers around the face are very slimming and highlight the area around the eyes rather than the cheeks where round faces tend to be a bit fuller.Flipping ends out rather than blowing them under is also a great, edgy look to consider if you have a round or heart shaped face. To style, apply a maximum hold mousse to damp hair and use fingers and a blow dryer to achieve a more fun, rock and roll style.

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