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By Aniela M / February 8, 2007

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Every girl needs a little volume in her hair. Weather you add some hairspray, a little gel or mousse, you always need to get
that extra volume.

Why, you ask? Limp hair doesn’t look good on anyone. It hangs around the face,  throwing everything off balance.

A little volume does good to your facial features, not to mention you’ll have fab hair.

A great volumising tip is a pretty pouf. To get this look, tease the top quarter of your hair with a stiff toothbrush (make sure it’s unused!). The bristles on the toothbrush are perfect for teasing your hair.

Sweep that section back, tuck the ends under and secure it at the base with crisscrossing bobby pins.And voila, you’re all set to go out and look fabulous!


Normaly when I get out of the shower I blow dry my hair to make it spas out and give it the sexy dramatic look that every guy admires


When i get out of the shower i usually leave my hair for 30 mins or so to dry naturally then blow dry it upside down. It gives volume but no frizz.


i hve got a lil big forehead. So plz suggest some nice N simple hairstyles which would suite me well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“Every girl needs a little volume in her hair. Weather you add some hairspray, a little gel or mousse, you always need to get
that extra volume”.

What did you get that off a hairspray commercial?

And maybe learn how to spell before you get paid to write articles on something stupid… what’s your next article gonna be on? bumpits? it’s whether! not WEATHER!

p.s. get a real job and only idiots think you need to follow beauty guidelines like saying every girl needs volume in her hair. The people who made these different fads called beauty artists certainly didn’t follow, that’s how different fads were made. Even flat hair fad’s like grunge which can be really beautiful as well.

You dont deserve the right to tell people what they have to follow. They find what works for them WHETHER it’s flat or volumized hair, blue eyeshadow on blue eyes or putting blush on there face in what ever way looks good on them.

Aniela M


First off, I do not get paid to write anything…this is my own blog, and I do it for fun 🙂
Second, people don’t have to follow anything, they have their own free will…I’m just throwing out tips and suggestions!
And third, if you don’t like receiving suggestions and/or reading my blog, you don’t have to ! 🙂

Have a splendid day darling 🙂

P.S. It’s “THEIR face” and not “THERE face”…there refers only to a certain location!


aha! catfight with aneila in the lead :^] hee hee! she showed you Hal! 😛


Hal, thats a lot of anger you’re venting! Someone simply sharing their opinion shouldn’t upset you. Hope your day gets better!


POOR HAL. Therapy?

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