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By Aniela M / December 13, 2016

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These retro hair tutorials were gathered for you from some of the best Pinterest and Youtube hair gurus, and you'll absolutely love them! These retro hairstyles can be worn at any time, day or night, and they'll flatter almost any face shape! Follow these hairstyles step by step and get the most incredible retro style you've ever had! What's great about these retro hairstyles is that a lot of them are heat free, focusing more on rollers and just using your fingers, staying true to the vintage times!

Retro Hair Style Guides

#1. Vintage Waves

A beautiful, classic waves look that you can pull off in just minutes! Works best on medium to long hair.



#2. Classic Pinup

This classic pinup style gets a modern look! Super easy style to achieve and works on most hair lengths!



#3. The Big Bouffant

Channeling all Megan Trainor and Bridgitte Bardot fans! The big bouffant looks amazing on all face shapes!




#4. Classic 40s Hair

Channel your inner 40s vixen with this classic 40s look that works on any hair length!

#5. Retro Pony

You may need a lot of hair for this, but if you have it, go for it!

#6. Finger Waves Hair

Get a friend to help you achieve these super duper pretty finger waves!

#7. Ultra Vintage Hair

Taken straight from the 1938 cosmetology book!


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