Pull up your strands this summer because it’s all about that hot ponytail you’ll be sporting. It’s not going to be your old-fashioned rubber band with a plain ponytail in the middle, but rather something hotter, more sophisticated and absolutely fabulous.

The first ponytail is the classy mid-high pony with loose tendrils. To achieve this look, simply curl your locks by grabbing 2-inch sections of your hair. Once you’ve done your whole head, gently gather your hair at the middle and pull in a loose pony. Let strands of hair frame your face. It’s the perfect romantic do.

The high-up, sleek ponytail highlights your cheekbones…so if you’re proud of them, flaunt them! Do this by pulling all of your hair up in a high, sleek ponytail. Place an elastic around, and let a piece at the top so you can camouflage the elastic. It’s ultra elegant, and gives your face a fresh look.high-ponytail.jpg

This next one is a little more complicated, and should be reserved for a night out (best for longer hair). Using a curling iron, take 2-3 inch sections of your hair and spiral them around the iron. Hold for 5 seconds, and let go. Take the already spiraled hair in the front and pin it to the back ( don’t tighten it, but let it loose so you’ll have more volume in the front). Make a loose ponytail in the back, hiking it up to give it some volume. spirals.jpg