Here are some winter solutions for all hair types! Certain tress types need extra protection right now, especially during the winter. The cold wind can have some pretty damaging effects on your hair, and you need to know how to protect it. Here is a list of different hair types so you can find your very own solution.

Winter Solutions For All Hair Types


Biggest Concern: Dry Hair

Solution: Thick, wavy hair can often turn brittle in the cold. A silicone serum such as Citre Shine Shine Miracle (only $3.99!), will impart moisture without weighing down strands. citre shine


Biggest Concern: Dandruff


Solution: Shampooing with a clarifying pick, such as Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo (only $6.50), keeps fine hair free of dying residue.


Biggest Concern: Dullness

Solution: The blustery air robs dark hair of luster. For glossy strands, massage coconut oil into your hair. Try Global Goddess Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment (a little pricier, around $45). shine


Biggest Concern: Breakage

Solution: For African-American hair, split ends tend to occur more in the winter. To keep up with your mane, get regular trims, and apply a mask like Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask (only $4.99!). mask

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