A No-Maintenance Summer Look

A No-Maintenance Summer Look

By Aniela M / August 17, 2010

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Looking for a no-maintenance summer look? Look no more! With the unbearable heatwave still on, it can be a little hard to get your makeup to stay on, but if you wear a natural look you'll be guaranteed that there will be no meltdowns! Keep your face fresh and simple this summer and you'll have no mishaps! Here's how to get a fresh, natural, no-makeup look in 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Moisturize! Before putting anything on your face, rub in a light moisturizer to prevent flaking and to help your makeup stay on better! If you have any imperfections, use a concealer only where needed and gently pat it on (no rubbing it in!) until it is blended into your skin. Also, apply a small amount of concealer to your lids. This will brighten them up and make your eyes appear bigger, and less tired. Follow up with a light, translucent powder all over your face.

Step 2

Take a soft, pinkish blush and swipe it across the apples of your cheeks. This will just give your cheeks a rosy tint, but nothing too dramatic. You want to look fresh and natural, so go easy on the blush!

Step 3

Finish off the bare look with one coat of mascara, nude/beige lipstick and a swipe of clear gloss. This look is definitely simple and natural, but it's great for any day of the week because it's super quick and won't sweat off your face.

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