All About Face Powders

By Aniela / August 23, 2007

The wonders of the face powder…such a useful makeup tool, you couldn't live without it! It hides your imperfections as well as keeping your makeup in place- leaving you with a clear, matte look. Although powders are great, there are many different kinds out there so you might not know which one is best for you. Read on to see what kind of powders there are and if they apply to you.

Loose Powder

Loose Powder is the mother of all powders. It gives you a perfectly polished look. You can apply it with a big powder brush. Make sure to get a powder that matches your skin tone perfectly.loose powder

Pressed Powder

Pressed powders are portable and convenient. Translucent formulas are the best. They even out your skin tone and control shine while letting your natural complexion shine through.pressed powder

Shine Control Powder

It does what it says-controls the shine on your face. So if you have a shiny nose like Rudolph's, this is the powder for you. It will keep the shine to a minimum and it will set your makeup.shine control powder

Moisturizing Powder

Again, the same says it all. If your skin is a little thirst, you might want to fuel it with some moisturizing powder. Apply lightly with your hand. Use this formula sparingly around your eyes as it tends to make your mascara smudge.moisturizing powder

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