Blue and Green Eyeshadows

Blue and Green Eyeshadows

By Aniela M / March 6, 2007

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When using strong colors such as blue and green, make sure to limit yourself to a single bold statement. For example, if you'll be wearing green/blue eyeshadow, play down the rest of the color on your face. That said, always take into consideration your skin tone, your hair color, and whatever you're wear that day. Here are some straightforward guidelines.


Brunettes can get away with beautiful colors such as emerald and turquoise. The contrast with neutral brown hair can be really sexy.


Blondes with fair skin have to be a little cautious with brighter blues and greens to avoid overpowering delicate coloring. A navy liner would be perfect on top of sheer pastel hues and pale opaque tones.


Earthy greens look amazing on warm-toned redheads. Cool blues and aquas will suit those with a pink complexion.

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Dark Skin

Dark-skinned women have the most freedom when it comes to colors. You can choose anything from bright tones like teal or emerald or classic colors in navy or green.

Olive Skin

Olive-skinned girls should choose wisely when picking their greens. Avoid the medium blues, and stick to blues with a light tonal value or deep, rich tone.

Asian Skin

Blue counteracts yellow tones in skin. Olives and yellow-greens look great on Asian women and can work in place of brown and taupe.


Which eyeshadow colors would you suggest to make
dark drown eyes stand out more?

Aniela M

For dark brown eyes, I would suggest you go with subtle colors that pick up the colored flecks found in brown eyes such as gold and green.

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