Foundation 411

Foundation 411

By Aniela M / December 27, 2008

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Even the most experienced beauty obsessed people have little dilemmas here and there, but thankfully they can all be solved. One of the major problems? Foundation of course. It can get tricky at times, especially if you're using the wrong kind of you're just applying it the wrong way. Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal have some amazing solutions to all of your foundation problems. So put your best face forward and let's get started!

Foundation 411

flawless foundation

Do Your Really Need Foundation?

Mally says:

“While there is absolutely no need for the thick, heavy foundations of the past, sheer foundations even out complexions and provide good coverage for a polished, finished look. Always use a foundation that lets your skin show through. ”

You Can't Find a Natural Foundation

Mally says:

“I love a sheer powder foundation applied with a brush. It gives you a beautiful, even complexion without making it look like you have makeup on. The trick is using a lightweight moisturizer, letting it set, and then applying the powder foundation in a circular motion with a brush. As the day goes on, your skin will look healthier as its natural oils work with the product.”

You Have Age Spots and Your Skin Changes Color Every Season

Mally says:

“The best way to choose your foundation shade is to match it to the skin on your jaw line and throat—not on your actual face. Have you seen photos of yourself where your face is three shades lighter than your neck? Matching your foundation to your throat will help avoid that. With concealer, you can go one shade lighter than the foundation shade you choose to lighten up the skin under the eyes and give you a brighter look. ”

You Have Sensitive Skin and Your Foundation Doesn't Stay on for Long

Mally says:

Sensitive skin is always tough—you want to let your skin breathe, but you also need makeup to make it look even. I can relate because I deal with the exact same issue! Everyone knows that I love a thin powder foundation applied with a brush to even out skin tone. It lasts forever and the finish looks like your skin—but better!

Your Cheeks Are Always Flushed and You Have Some Redness Going On

Mally says:

“Try a sheer powder foundation that will tone down the redness on the cheeks but won't make you look like you have a lot of makeup on. Apply a light, thin layer with a powder brush so you can control the amount you put on.”

You Have Very Dry Skin and Your Foundation Flakes When Applied

Mally says:

“The flakiness could be due to weather, dehydration or allergies, so I suggest visiting a dermatologist to determine the cause. In the meantime, continue using a good moisturizer. Try switching brands and see if that works for you. Also, try a cream foundation—it stays dewy and moist on the skin. Changing the way you apply foundation can also help. Instead of smoothing or swiping it across the skin, gently pat it on. You'll avoid pulling or tugging on the skin, which can create the flakes.”

You Have Really Oily Skin and Can't Get the Right Foundation

Mally says:

“Try a foundation primer. It's applied after your moisturizer and is a great way to mattify skin and reduce the look of enlarged pores. Follow with your regular makeup routine, and use blotting papers or a light powder throughout the day. Always remember, though: It's very old-fashioned to powder your entire face. Focus only on the center of your forehead, both sides of the nose and the chin.”

You're Not Sure How and When to Use Powders and Bronzers With Your Foundation

Mally says:

“Depending on you skin's condition, you can use just bronzer with your concealer. It's also perfectly fine to just use loose powder all over instead of liquid foundation. But if you are using liquid foundation, use loose powder to set it so that the finish isn't too dewy. This will also ensure a more even application of your bronzer.”

Your Foundation Fades and Seeps Into Your Fine Lines

Mally says:

“Stick with a lightweight foundation for daytime, and consider using a foundation primer. I also love powder foundations because they last a long time and don't settle into fine lines. ”

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