Get Full Lips

Get Full Lips

By Aniela M / February 19, 2007

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Everyone wants to have those perfect Angelina Jolie lips. Unless you want a collagen injection though, there are other ways to make your lips appear fuller without any injections whatsoever.

First and foremost, you have to take care of your lips just as you would take care of your skin. Buy a lip exfoliator and use it 3 times a week. The exfoliator gently sloughs away dead skin and leaves your lips feeling smooth.

During the winter, make sure you use a good lip balm, which will prevent your lips from getting dry and chapped.

Now that your lips are soft and helthy, get out a good lip pencil. Get one that matches your natural lip line. Trace a line on the top part of your lips, the corners, and a small line at the bottom. This will give your lips a little bit of definition.

Now apply your lipstick, making sure that you don’t go outside the line, and then smack your lips against a tissue paper.

To make your lips appear fuller, apply a lip gloss to the top crease of your lip and to the bottom as well. You can use a lip plumper as well, as that will rush the blood to your lips and give them a full, natural look.


this works most the time but not always:(


it dose not work for me…why???


I learned how to do this once for my sister’s wedding. Marilyn Monroe used this trick. The idea plays with light. dark things look farther away, which is why black is slimming, and white is not. so The goal is to make the corners and edges of your lips seem deeper, and the center closer. Your lips will look more dimensional and full. play around with it a few times, use three shades of lipstick if necessary. It’ll work! =)


so wut about insted ov ussing lip balm do ya yuse Vaseline? ya think dat’ll help or jux make it look shiny nd dats it??

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