Cream shadows are very fun to play with, and they look fabulous on anyone. They glitter, and they give you that perfect, polished look. In other words, cream shadows don’t even compare to regular, powder shadows because they don’t give the same effect. Having said that though, cream shadows are also difficult to use and to maintain.

Because the shadow is cream based it is obviously bound to leave a crease or to wear off easily. There is a way to get around this, but you will still need to carry your cream shadow with you just in case you need a touch-up or two because even with a little training, cream shadows still don’t last too long.

Start off by wiping all excess oil and dirt from your eyelids. Cover your eyelids with an oil-free foundation. This will help the shadow stay in place- it is sort of a base for it. Make sure you cover your lids entirely, and use your fingers to blend it. Pat dry.

Once you’ve applied the foundation, you can start by putting on the cream shadow. Some of the hottest colors right now are navy, beige, oranges, and peaches, so don’t hesitate to use any of those. When putting on the cream shadow, use your index finger to apply sparingly, patting down gently. Try not to rub it in, but instead just pat the shadow all over for an even application.

When you have finished applying the cream shadow, use a powder to make sure that the shadow not only stays in place, but that it doesn’t leave creases either. You can use pretty much any kind of powder, just as long as it doesn’t mask the actual shadow.

You can now rest assured that your cream shadow will stay in place for a while, but like I said, you will still need to carry it around with you just in case.cream-shadow_l.jpg