Ever notice how drab you look during a party and even after? Instead of looking amazing, it looks like you’re about to nod off and like your makeup is running! So how do you stay glowing all night long? Read on to find out.

Get Beautiful Eyes

Natural oils cause eyeshadows to crease as you already know, so sweep on shadow with a brush and pack it with you so you can touch up later. To make your mascara stay in place, wet a cotton swab and wipe off the excess. And if your lashes get clumpy, all you need is a toothpick from the bar to separate them!

Get a Beautiful Complexion

Minimize T-zone shine with blotting papers after makeup is applied. If your eyeshadow starts to speckle, use a small piece of masking tape to pick up the glittery fallout. If you can’t find any tape, use a translucent powder to cove up the flecks. Smooth out the creases in the concealer by patting a bit of hand lotion over the uneven areas.

Glow Through the Night

Dot a gold eyeliner or a gold eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes. It brightens up your eyes and makes them look bigger. Or you can even pat a highlighter under eyes and on cheeks to cover up splotches and boost the skin’s radiance. Put on a shiny gloss to reignite your pout, and you’re all set! glowing skin